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What’s Another Word for Schlong?: Things I’ve Learned While Writing & Publishing Smut

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TL:DR – Writing smut is possibly not safe for the average human brain.

This book is intended for entertainment purposes only and will NOT teach you how to be a smut writer. It is NOT a “how-to” book! Sure, there’s likely some decent advice in here, but take everything with a grain of salt and a shot of the good tequila. This is a rambling, possibly tipsy account of my own personal observations, intended only to make you giggle as we open a window into the bizarre world of writing filth, I mean, “erotica” on a regular basis.

Let me tell you:
– Why stock photos are freakin’ hilarious
– Why watching your mouth in public is crucial
– How voice dictation can be maddening
– How dirty, inappropriate thoughts might consume your life
– How acronyms change in strange ways

This is not necessarily for writers, it’s for regular people who want to read something amusing, and are entertained by the writing life. I make no guarantees, but I guarantee this might be the silliest book you find this month. Secrets from a smut peddlar, or possible insane rantings? It’s the price of a cheap coffee to find out.

(If you’re looking for actual euphemisms for the “man dangle”, consult your nearest search engine like a normal person.)

“Lexie’s a total sleaze, she knows what she’s talking about, I’m pretty sure.” ~ Her Bartender
“Damn, she’s still writing that junk?” ~ Her Friends Who Never See Her Anymore
“I love the way Lexie caresses me, then suddenly gives it to me hard.” ~ Her Laptop
“How’s that schlong writin’ going?” ~ Her Best Friend

18+ only, obviously. This book does not contain any sex scenes, but there is naughty language, and likely a @#$! ton of swears.
If you spit coffee on your laptop from this ridiculousness, the author is not responsible. For anything. She’s pretty freakin’ irresponsible overall. No lawsuits for you.
Look up and to your left for the “Follow this Author” button for updates. For actual naughty books, click on the author’s name. To get on the email list for updates & more, check out Thanks for being one of the cool people who still read.
Paperback version available. You know somebody who needs to unwrap this on their birthday, don't you?





Thursday, 14 November 2019

Sharing my Submissive Girlfriend: (BDSM Hotwife Erotic Short)

If you truly love your girlfriend, take her to a dungeon party for a strange Dom to enjoy...

Ryan adores his sexy girlfriend and submissive pet, Vicky. But she craves things a bit more rough than he is comfortable with. He surprises her by taking her to a BDSM party where she is used as a spanking demo model for another Master. Edmond then takes her aside to give her precisely what she has been craving – deep, rough, and wild, until she is a puddle of blissed out joy.

18+ only: This 7,100 word story features explicit smoking hot sexy times, spanking, light bondage.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

The Little Minks Minx: (an Erotic Comedy Mystery - Dolly Slutsky Book #3)

Meet Dolly Slutsky. She’s a curvy babe, a female sleuth, and free spirit who loves to put herself out there.

Dolly meets up with her new graphic designer, insisting that he really get to know her intimately before he lays out her business cards. Then she meets Kevin – a new client who has fur coats disappearing from his huge storage warehouse. Dolly will need to get up close and personal with the staff to get to the very bottom of this mystery. She always does her best work with her high heels in the air!

18+ only, vivid sexy scenes.
Note: These sleazy little tales are for cheap floozy amusement, and don’t really need to be read in order.

Taunting Rachel: (BDSM Training School Book #10)

A spoiled rich girl has fantasied about being a submissive...

Master Paul could tell right away that Rachel had no experience in the BDSM world. But she was so earnest, and so gorgeous, that he decided to take her for a month anyway. She swore that she’d serve him, work hard, and learn. The two of them click physically right away, driving each other completely wild. But in the light of day, she immediately goes back to her regular headspace, earning her a reminder that she’ll need to submit completely for her entire stay.

18+, vivid sex scenes, light bondage, BDSM content.
Note: Start at the beginning of the series with “Teaching Sierra” or jump right into Rachel’s story now. Each girl has three books of submissive exploration.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

The Mysterious Tequila Affair : (an Erotic Comedy Mystery - Dolly Slutsky Book #2)

Meet Dolly Slutsky. She’s a bombshell, a detective, and lady who gets right down to everyone’s business.

Dolly finds a cute hipster to help with her website, and ends up christening the new bed in his micro-condo. Then she meets a new client who is worried his wife might be having an affair, as she comes home smelling slightly of tequila with a special sort of glow. When Dolly trails her, she discovers Tiffany’s version of “ladies night” is far more down and dirty than she expected. When Peter finds out, things get even more heated when he wants to catch her in the act. Things get steamy when they discover Tiffany’s real secret. Should Dolly charge double for a threesome?

18+ only, vivid sexy scenes.
Note: These sleazy little tales are for cheap floozy amusement, and don’t really need to be read in order.

Elevating Hanna: (BDSM Training School Book #9)

A sweet, timid girl wants to serve her Master and test every limit.

Master James got just what he wanted – a challenge. A submissive who needs more than a sexy little spanking. Hanna wanted to get past fear, so her new Master, a medical doctor, tests her with play piercing to see how she reacts. She loves it, and the leather suspension swing, and everything her sexy Master does with her. Hanna wants James to lose control completely, but he’s still worried she might be too shy or overwhelmed to speak up if she needs to. They devise a reverse safeword, giving them both what they truly need.
18+, vivid sex scenes, bondage, BDSM content, light medical play.
Note: Start at the beginning of the series with “Teaching Sierra” or start with Hanna’s story in #7. Each girl has three books of submissive exploration.

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 9: (First Time in Public, Wifesharing, MFM)

When a husband wants to watch his wife’s wild encounter...

Greg had been drawing Erica out of her shell and encouraging her to be more adventurous. When she agreed to go with him to a private club, he was thrilled. But when she not only had fun with him in public, but wanted to share herself with two hot, younger men, he was as proud as he was aroused. Erica puts on a great show for herself, her husband, two hunks, and an audience!
18+, Sex club, erotic scenes. MFM
Visit the Paradise Fantasies Series Page:
(You don’t really need to read them in order to enjoy them!)

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

REVIEW: New Series - Dolly Slutsky, Privates Investigator!

October 22, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition

Thursday, 17 October 2019

REVIEW: Heights of Luxury

Long Island Reader

5.0 out of 5 stars - Well written and a plot that grabs you.
October 15, 2019

Monday, 14 October 2019

The Case of the Strip Club Thief: an Erotic Comedy Mystery (Dolly Slutsky Book 1)

Meet Dolly Slutsky. She’s a vixen, a sleuth, and has more gumption than you’d expect from a bombshell.

Dolly is so excited to find office space for her new Private Investigation business that she barters for the rent in an extremely enjoyable way – much to the surprise of her burly landlord. Her very first client is concerned that money is going missing from their strip club, so Dolly heads straight to the scene of the crime, and straight under one of the potential suspects. Is the office couch rocking, or is Dolly just doing her job?

18+ only, vivid sexy scenes.
Note: These sleazy little tales are for cheap floozy amusement, and don’t really need to be read in order.

Educating Hanna: (BDSM Training School Book #8)

A sweet, timid girl wants to serve her Master and test her limits....

Master James had been looking for a challenge – a submissive who needs more than a hot spanking. Hanna wanted to push her limits, learning how to get past fear. She’s timid around big men, and sometimes finds it difficult to speak up. But now that she trusts James, she wants to feel him lose control with her. He won’t allow himself to be aggressive with her, being careful with his sweet pet. Yet he pushes many of her limits when taking her to a public dungeon party, inviting her to play with him on stage in front of a crowd.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Trapped with Two Firemen: (Down & Dirty Horror Erotica)

Snuggled in the dark with two sexy fightfighters...

Tina was asleep after working the night shift when her town was evacuated. She’s been hiding in the basement, but has been found by two hot, hulking firefighters just before sunset. They must be silent together in the dark, listening for the savage, primitive creatures who hunt them. As they snuggle together for warmth, their own animal urges cannot be ignored.

18+ only. This 6900 word story gets right to the point – scorching, vivid sex scenes, MFM. Shh – don’t make a sound as you read it!

Examining Hanna : (BDSM Training School Book #7)

A sweet, timid girl wants to learn how to serve her Master and test her limits...

Master James had been looking for a challenge – a submissive who needed more than a hot spanking. Hanna wanted to push her limits, learning how to get past fear. But she’s timid around men, especially big men, and sometimes finds it difficult to speak up. Since he’s actually a doctor, she feels safer with him. When the two of them click, he gently brings her out of her shell, and discovers that they both adore when he pushes her buttons, and creates new buttons.

18+, vivid sex scenes, bondage, BDSM content.

Ladies Night: Down & Dirty FemDom Erotica: (Female Domination, Male Submission)

Sometimes a woman needs be pampered like a princess... and not just at the spa.

Lisa’s friends dragged her to a new spa so that she could get a massage, and start to loosen up on her quest to date again someday. When Jarvis was suddenly on his knees begging to serve her, she felt herself letting go completely. Heart racing, breathless and twitching, Lisa found that the only way to get what she truly needed was to command this huge, gorgeous man. It was bizarre that the more demanding she was, the more he was aroused. She soon discovered that having a hot man obeying every request was exactly what she needed.

18+ only. This savagely sensual erotic story features gentle first time female domination and sweet male submission.

Sharing my Submissive Wife: (BDSM Hotwife Erotic Short)

If you truly love your wife, take her to a hotel for strangers to enjoy...

Evan is delighted with his sexy, gorgeous wife and submissive pet Abby. But sometimes she is insatiable, and seems to crave sex for hours, which is a bit more than he can provide. He takes her out to pick up some other guys to give her what she needs, while he sits in the corner of the hotel room watching. One man seems to be a dominant, tying her and spanking her like a pro. But two rough guys from the sports bar just want to enjoy this hot chick every way they can.


18+ only: This 6880 word story features explicit smoking hot sexy times, spanking, light bondage, MFM

Saturday, 28 September 2019

My first Video Review! (Nomad's Deal - Sci Fi Alien Romance Novella)

WOW - thanks!!!

September 20, 2019
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I was a little skeptical when someone first recommended this book to me. Science-fiction and romance were two genres that I've never really seen mixing well.

However, I gave it a try and within a few pages I was hooked. Her book is smart, sexy as all heck, and a lot of fun to read.

Click and scroll down for the video:

Saturday, 21 September 2019

NEW NOVEL: Heights of Luxury: Dystopian Future Erotic Romance


The air, the light, the technology, the rules...
everything was wildly different 71 Levels up.

Ellie only had one goal in life – to provide for her little sister. But Trin was so ridiculously smart that Ellie must find a way to pay for her education, even though they are poor and live way down on Level 7. She’s already sold her image as a sexy cam girl. There’s not much of a difference renting her entire body for a month in the Condo Courtesan Auction.

Decadent bachelors Adam and Ben share everything – their business, and their luxury condo up Level 71. With very few elevated women, it was common in their refined circles to purchase a mistress for a month. But when Adam bought Ellie he was surprised that his dark urges were finally triggered, and Ben was shocked to discover it was a girl he’d already seen.

Will they be able to share her? Will innocent Ellie be able to keep up with their unusual sensual appetites, while following the new restrictive rules of the higher levels? Will she be able to trust two complete strangers, then leave their opulent life to get back to Trin? What will happen when she discovers the little secrets that both Ben and Adam tried to hide?

18 + WARNING: This book contains many *extremely* vivid, graphic sexual scenes.

The Girl in Room 3503: Down & Dirty Office Erotica

The ultimate sensual office perk...

Once an executive hits their sales targets at Jeff’s new office, they’re given access to Room 3503.
When he clicks the new icon on his laptop he discovers that he can make an appointment with the gorgeous secret girl who will do absolutely anything to de-stress and motivate the sales team. Jeff uses this new “perk” to his advantage, realizing that being more aggressive helped all aspects of his life, but he quickly falls for this sweet dream girl.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Love this review!

September 16, 2019

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Sitter - BDSM House Pet: (First Time Domination, Submissive)

A sweet little pet to play with for the weekend...

When David asked his buddy to take care of his girlfriend Anna while he was away for the weekend, Tyler thought he meant to check in on her in case she needed anything. It turns out that Anna was actually a submissive pet, and required a lot more attention than Tyler could ever have imagined. Suddenly he was in charge of a smoking hot twenty-one year old who was begging him for spankings, and eager to serve him in every possible way.

My Neighbor’s Dungeon - 50 Shades of Roses Part 5: (Conclusion. BDSM Submission Romance)

The conclusion of this sensual, romantic S&M story...

Pretty little Lindsay has lived next door to gorgeous older hunk Nick for years, and has been his secret submissive for the past few months. He treats her like a pet when he calls her to his office to serve him, but then later tests her boundaries by seeing how much of an exhibitionist she’s willing to be for him. Since her parents are relaxing about the two of them dating, they can finally plan a future together. Nick takes her on a real vanilla date, then finds new ways to surprise her at his next dungeon party.
18+ only: Spanking, bondage, true love, domination, submission, super hot steamy times - all of the good stuff!

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Perfecting Emma: (BDSM Training School Book #6)

Saucy, hot brat finally obeys her new Master!

Master Darren has been teaching Emma the basics of bondage, service, obedience and submission. She finally realizes that submitting to him completely wasn’t losing herself, it was exploring a different side. When he asks to try something she’s never done before, she offers her body to him completely, in every possible way.

18+, vivid sex scenes, bondage, BDSM content.

House Boy from the Future: (Female Domination, Male Submission, Sensual Fantasy, FemmeDom)

He looks like a huge alpha male, but behaves like a sweet little pet!

When a strong willed, lonely businesswoman has a completely subservient man fall into her life, she’s going to make the most of it. Brax comes from the future, where huge muscular men are accustomed to serving women completely. Madison takes him in and suddenly discovers that having a hot man obeying her every command is exactly what she needed.

18+ only. This quick and savagely hot erotic story features gentle female domination, male submission, and time travel. (Just roll with it.)

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 13: Harem, Mental Suggestion Spell, Conclusion of Series

Mark releases the last of his harem from his spell...

The night of the full moon, Mark has a gorgeous last minute client who throws herself at him. He tries to resist, until Marissa invites Trisha up to bed with them. After he performs the ritual to release all women from any of his mental suggestions, he’s shocked to see that Marissa comes back... along with some of the rest.

Series page here:

Monday, 12 August 2019

Accidental Submissive: (First Time BDSM, S&M, submissive spanking experience)

A hotel delivery turns into sexy spankings and more...

Jenna had to suddenly relocate across the country, ending up in a new town as a room service delivery girl. She envies the escorts who work in the hotel, as she desperately needs some fast cash. She makes a delivery to a room where a gorgeous man is expecting a professional submissive. Can she fake it well enough to earn the money? She quickly discovers that she loves the way he controls her, and is soon obeying every command. She’s never felt so submissive, so sexy, and so treasured.

18+, smoking hot sexy times, sweet submission, light spanking, light bondage.
Click FOLLOW on this author’s page for updates, or search “Lexie Renard” to get on the email list.

Polishing Emma: (BDSM Training School Book #5)

Saucy, hot brat won’t obey her new Master!

Master Darren is trying desperately to teach Emma the basics of bondage, service, obedience and submission. But all she wants is the scorching hot sex, jumping him at every opportunity. Finally it takes the threat of the cane, then the threat of not taking her again that persuades her to behave, allowing her to open up to him completely, in all possible ways.

18+, intense sex scenes, BDSM content.
Note: Start at the beginning of the series with “Teaching Sierra” or jump right into the next story with Preparing Emma.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

AUGUST UPDATE: Coming soon!

Hello folks!

Just keeping you up to date on the caffeine fueled sexy publications that will be coming out over the next two months!


Coming Soon:

Libido Laboratory - Part 6
The Tattoo Artist Part 13 (the end)
My Neighbor's Dungeon Part 5 (the end)
Perfecting Emma - BDSM Training School Part 6
The Bigsby Brothers - Parts 1 through 5 - Paperback
Tori's Lesbian Alien Futa Vacation - Part 2
Captured Alien Sex Toy - Part 15 (the end)

Sexy Sci-Fi Novella centered in a strange warehouse club. 

A comedy book (Wait until you hear the title next month!!!)

A comedy erotica novel set in the most hilarious decade of all.

 As always, get on my email list for updates, especially since I run freebies approx. twice a month! All you have to do is open the email, click the Free Book link, and it will take you to where the book is free on Amazon for that day!    (Test it out for a few weeks if you like!)


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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 8: (First Time BDSM, Spanking, Public Sex, Exhibitionism)

Tina’s boyfriend Dylan was always taking her on outgoing adventures. She thought it was time she took them out for something new and different, so they went to Paradise – the semi-secret little sex club. It was BDSM night, and Tina had always been curious, but didn’t know how to bring it up with Dylan. They discover they are both very interested in this new dynamic, and enjoy a playful evening of spanking, possession, and smoking hot sex... with an audience.

Preparing Emma: (BDSM Training School Book #4)

Saucy, hot brat won’t obey her new Master! Emma signs up for thirty days of submissive training because she craves the hot sex. Master Darren wants a submissive to teach the basics of bondage, service, obedience and submission. But the second he meets Emma, he’s hooked. He can’t focus, can’t stop. Even though she’s a tiny little thing and he’s a huge biker, she’s not afraid to use her bratty pout to get her way. Will her new Master be able to train her at all?
18+, intense sex scenes, BDSM content.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

More Great Reviews

 December 28, 2018
It's very sexy, very dirty, quick and easy to read. I'll confess I bought it for the title, and I have no regrets.

5.0 out of 5 starsWhat a naughty elf she is!

December 20, 2018 - Published on
When Santa's elf has time on her hands, the boys will get to play rough with her. This is a very hot and graphic story. I loved it. Highly recommended.

Some Great Reviews!

November 3, 2017
Lexie knows how to get to the core of what turns readers on and explores both the sensation and psychology of the bdsm kink in a way that takes enough time to tease and tantalize but doesn't leave us wanting too long. Perfect length for an evening read and I will definitely be checking out other titles.

5.0 out of 5 starsAnother Great Book from Lexie Renard

June 4, 2019 - Published on

This is a very hot intro to BDSM story set at a charity auction. The main character has no experience in BDSM but allows herself to be auctioned for a night of bondage and ecstasy. A fast read full of very erotic scenes.

March 24, 2019
I thought I would just have a quick peek to see what was written, but couldn't stop reading. Amazing.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 12 : Harem, Mental Suggestion Spell

This series gets hotter the farther it goes...
Mark’s antidote to his “Master’s Rose” magical tattoo ink has released several of his gorgeous girls from his control, and he wants to restore balance for all of them. The full moon is coming soon, and he’s terrified to discover what might happen when he attempts to release his hold on all women he may be inadvertently controlling. Clara’s mental power over Mark is still as strong as ever, and he slips under the spell of his beautiful Mistress immediately. Then he’s visited by gorgeous, sexy Marissa, trying to show her how much he cares, unable to help falling into the role of her Master. When sweet, innocent Kayla joins them, Mark gets more than he expected, yet again.

Keep reading until the end in #13!
Series page here:

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Nomad’s Deal: (Sci-Fi Hot Alien Romance Fantasy)


It was a very logical agreement. Alien travelers came to Earth and politely asked if they could help straighten out the planet. These Nomads asked for a few things in return, to help them better study humanity.

When Lily first saw the tall, dark strangers on TV, it brought back a long time fantasy she never thought she’d have a chance of fulfilling. She signed up for the sensual exploration program immediately, feeling that it was her duty to help repay the debt of all humans. But she also hoped to be with one of these powerful, strange men, and finally make her dark fantasy come true.

Zale was the most caring, sexy man she’d ever met. It didn’t matter to her that he was a little different, and fought to stay in control of his new self. Lily finally discovers the man she’s been needing all along wasn’t quite a man at all.

This might be the first Nomad-Human relationship on Earth, but sweet love and hot times are universal.

Warning: This book contains several extremely vivid sexy scenes and is not intended for readers under 18.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Teasing Sierra: BDSM Training School Book #3

Sierra signed up to the BDSM Academy to learn how to be the perfect submissive for Master Jeremy for a month, and time is running out. Sierra has always dreamed of being a man’s toy, and her shyness is melting away due to the devoted attention of her sexy Master. He takes her to a dungeon to have sex in public, and enjoys a few other “first time” adventures with her, as he tries to decide if keeping her is the right thing for both of them.

18+, intense sex scenes, BDSM content.

Hotter than Fireworks: A Canada Day Exhibitionist Fantasy

For their anniversary on Canada Day, Tara decides to spice up their sex life by being Shawn’s toy for the night, doing anything and everything he wants. He had teased about being an exhibitionist before, but she had no idea what kinky games he’d get up to! Vibrating panties, a butt plug, sex in a dark alley... It sounds like Shawn had been planning this day for a while. Now that Tara is more in touch with her kinky side, Shawn is thrilled at how much they both enjoy it when he takes charge.

18+, smoking hot sexy times, semi-public sex.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 11: Harem, Mental Suggestion Spell

This series gets hotter the farther it goes... 
Mark’s “Master’s Rose” magical tattoo ink has turned several hot women into his sexual playthings, but they’ve also taken over his life, and he’s trying to restore balance for all of them. Mark hasn’t been spending as much time with Emily, but when she comes over for a sexy date, he realizes he must use the antidote ink to undo her spell. A beautiful tattoo customer returns, even though he didn’t mean to add any mind control commands to her tattoo beyond being a little less shy. Kayla says he’s the only man she’s ever been comfortable with, and wants him to be her first. Then, even though it breaks his heart, he has a last romp with Natalie, hoping that when he releases her from the mental commands, she won’t leave completely.

Training Sierra: (BDSM Training School Book #2)

A new scorching hot S&M series.

The BDSM Academy is rarely spoken of beyond a whisper. But Sierra has been the sweet little pet of Master Jeremy for two weeks now, learning the intricacies of being the perfect submissive. Sierra has always dreamed of being a man’s toy, and her shyness is melting away due to the devoted attention of her sexy Master. She is learning how to serve him, but also learning about her own needs and desires along the way... and accidentally learns how wonderful it is to completely lose control.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Suddenly His Toy: - a Sexy Office Pet Romance

The job title is “assistant”, but the boss wants MUCH more from her... 
Sarah is a new assistant, catching the eye of the CEO who wants to use her as his sex pet and toy. At first she plays his games because she needs the money, but suddenly she discovers that she’s addicted to him - his punishments, the rough, hot encounters, and the adrenaline that crashes through her veins every time she’s near him.

18+, explicit smoking hot sexy times, spanking, office smut.

The Kink Hotel: (First Time BDSM, S&M experience)

A curious girl discovers she loves the BDSM world!

Once a year, BDSM groups from three different cities all converge on a small northern hotel. This is Tori’s first time working as a hotel maid for the special event, but she’s excited to learn more about the S&M scene, as she’s always been curious. When she draws the eye of handsome Master Devin, will she give in to her desires, and test the waters for herself? (Of course she will!)

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Teaching Sierra: (BDSM Training School Book #1)

New scorching hot S&M series

The BDSM Academy is rarely spoken of beyond a whisper. Nobody even quite knows where it is. But if you beg the owners and Dominants of the most respected dungeons, they may pass your name along for consideration.
Sierra has always dreamed of being a man’s toy, completely submissive. But she’s so shy that she is afraid to approach them, or ask for what she wants. In order to become a sensual, sexually free being, she will need to give herself completely, and practice perfect obedience for her new Master.

These Books can be read as standalone BDSM Erotica, or enjoyed as a series.
18+, intense sex scenes.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Billionaire’s Sugar Baby Part 5: From Trailer Trash to Sex Pet : (Wealthy Sugar Daddy, Sugarbaby, FMF Threesome)


Sexy little Grace met powerful billionaire Cole Hawthorne almost a year ago, when he took her in as his sugarbaby sex pet. Being Cole’s secret mistress has been wonderful, but she needs to keep him interested, and aroused in new ways. After he fulfills a fantasy of public sex by taking her to the highest window in the city to enjoy her, she asks if he’s ever wished for a threesome with two women. Although he’s afraid of Grace not feeling like she is enough for him, some dreams simply must come true.
18+, intense sex scenes.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Billionaire’s Sugar Baby Part 4: From Trailer Trash to Sex Pet : (Wealthy Sugar Daddy, Sugarbaby)

Read something extra spicy today!

Sexy little Grace met powerful billionaire Cole Hawthorne just eight months ago, when he took her in as his sugarbaby sex pet. Being Cole’s secret mistress has been wonderful, but she feels that she needs to keep him interested, and aroused in new ways. Realizing that there’s only one way he hasn’t yet taken her, she offers herself, hoping that thrill him. She feels that Cole owns her body and soul, so she’ll do absolutely anything to please him.
18+, intense sex scenes.

Check out the rest of the series here:



Please Spank Me, Master : (Sexy BDSM Romance Novella)

Read something unique and spicy today!
Amy’s biggest crush comes into her coffee shop without seeming to notice her, but when she peeks at Eric’s laptop, she discovers that he’s into BDSM. She tiptoes into the local scene and finds out it’s a way to transform her shyness, and unleash her sensual desires. When Eric sees this new side of Amy and wants to be her Master, will she let go and beg for what she really wants? Or will she feel like she’s going too far, too fast?

18+ This extremely steamy romance features spanking, flogging, bondage, intensely sensual scenes.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Accidental Master: (BDSM erotica, first time domination)

Daniel returns from a trip to Transylvania, where a strange woman sold him a necklace that would supposedly make him popular with the ladies. On the flight home, he discovers that it’s working already – women are absolutely throwing themselves at him, and he’s also changing into a tall, dominant hunk. When he walks into a BDSM club where he used to be ignored, submissive girls are flocking to him, hoping that he’ll become their new Master. When his hot new pet worries that she won’t be enough for him, she calls in reinforcements, to ensure that their new Master is properly pleased.

18+ spanking, flogging, extremely hot sex scenes, FMFF.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Blazing Hot BDSM 5 Pack - Vol. 1 : (Scorching bundle of erotic stories! Bondage, Domination, Submission, S&M, Lesbians)

5 sexy, strange, steamy erotic stories for just $7.77

(Less than the price of 3!)
Sharing My Lesbian Wife
Mia knows that her young wife Ashley loves being adored wherever she goes. Their dominant and submissive relationship is growing stronger, and Mia surprises Ashley by taking her to a private dungeon and handing her leash to others to use her any way they like. Ashley wants to please her Mistress, and being on display and used as a sexual playing thrills her beyond belief, especially since she hasn’t been with men in years.

Master Professor
Gemma has a crush on her new art history professor, which gets worse when she discovers he’s a dominant Master giving a demonstration at her local S&M club. Will this shy girl unmask both her professor and her feelings? (Of course she will.)

Billionaire BDSM Blackout
Beth gets talked into attending the cocktail party of her friend’s piano student, who happens to be a tech billionaire. Due to power glitches across the city, she turns out to be the only girl there, while older rich hunks Mark, Dave, and Steve all lavish her with attention. When the lights go out, and she can’t see who’s who, will this timid girl allow herself to just go with the flow?

Light Speed Lesbian Mistress
Gorgeous and mysterious Mistress Diosa purchases Quinn to work as her mechanic, crew, and beautiful little sex slave. Quinn adores serving her hot captain, but things are strange out in the dark universe. Sacrifices must be made for the good of the ship.

The Crew’s Bonus
Grace on board the Artemis Seven to relieve the entire crew of their sexual frustrations, and their aggression. Anyone with flight deck ranking can drop by her bunk for a special “ship bonus”, which rewards them for their increasingly dangerous missions. Captain Caroline Holley doesn’t just oversee the ship, she is Grace’s Mistress, and rewards or punishes her sweet little pet as she sees fit.

Kindle &Paperback - Dark & Steamy BDSM Bundle : (Sexy scorching erotic stories of Bondage, Domination, Submission, S&M, Lesbians)

5 strange, dark and steamy S&M erotica stories for just $5.99!

Only on Halloween: a Lesbian BDSM tale
Kate has had a crush on Anna, but all they do is go out for drinks and dancing. When Anna wants to dress sexy for Halloween, Kate sees her chance. They go to a BDSM party, and Kate finally catches a glimpse of what Anna really wants - to be a naughty slave girl having sex in public.

Princess Slut - It’s not pearls she wants to be dripping with
Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra doesn’t want to be paraded around the ballroom. She is a lusty little skank who wants to be on her knees serving a man, and Duke Matthias can tell precisely what she needs.

Sorceress Sybella Live
Michelle tries to spice up her boring life by going to experimental theatre events, and is given a ticket to Sorceress Sybella Live - featuring graphic sex, witchcraft, and spirit conjuring. She doesn’t know what sort of show this is, but desperately wishes that she were the one being ravished onstage.

First Time at the Dungeon
When a shy young woman is taken to a real S&M dungeon by her new Master, she never imagined how much she would love the flogging, the spanking, and the thrill of being a little slave girl. But wait, were people actually having sex in public? She didn’t care, she was lost in the moment and just wanted more…

Dominatrix Daily
Journal entries from Mistress Mari - a Dominatrix who runs a busy downtown BDSM dungeon. Spanking, flogging, domination, bondage, and hot sex are a daily occurrence around here. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent – a gentleman being tied up and beaten, and another whose fantasy is to watch two lesbians together.

18+, scorching steamy scenes!

Check out for more, including a free story for those on the email list!

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Conclusion: The Collar - Part 5 : (BDSM, Mind Control, Master and Submissive)

Final Episode!
Master Theodore has been having an incredible time during his stay with kitten, but Master Blackthorne will be home this evening. Since she’s not sure what might happen, kitten has been trying to make the very most of her time with Theodore, seducing him, encouraging him to be rough with her, and begging him to do the one thing that was against the rules. What will Blackthorne do when he arrives home and find out that kitten has bonded with another Master?
18+, BDSM, Rope Bondage, Spanking, Extremely Rough, Romantic Sex.
Series Page:

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

CONCLUSION: The Bigsby Brothers Part 5: Three Billionaires share a sexy “pet”, Kiki

Final Episode!

Kiki, Max, Finn and Liam return home from their vacation, settling into “normal” life in their gigantic condo, where the strangely similar yet adopted brothers share their gorgeous girlfriend equally. Now that their feelings are out in the open, Kiki is more relaxed, finding her voice and even going out with Max on a date, then returning to say goodnight to all three men at once.

Series Page:
18+, constant scorching steamy sex scenes!

S&M = Stand & Model : (First Time BDSM, Master, Submissive)

NOTE: This title is a bit of an in-joke in the Toronto BDSM scene, as there are a lot of hot chicks were aren't really into S&M, they just like to dress up for parties. I couldn't resist using it for this story!

Elena needs new photos for her modeling portfolio, and couldn’t resist booking the hottest photographer in the neighborhood to work with. Drew wanted to help a new model create some darker, edgier photos, and wonders whether she’ll be drawn to his idea of tying her up for some bondage shots. To some hot girls, S&M means “stand and model” – just wearing latex and a collar to feel sexy. But Elena discovers she loves feeling captured, helpless, until her desire isn’t simply a pose for the camera.
18+, BDSM, spanking, bondage, intense sexual and sensual scenes.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 10: Mind Control Bimbofication, Surrendering to Mental Suggestions

Mark has discovered how to release women from his mental commands, but he’s taking his time. He spends a wild night with sexy Joanne, then discovers she’d rather be with him than take an important modeling gig. His latest girl Sarah comes over to “hang out” with him and Natalie and Marissa, but he realizes he should let her go. Marissa spends the night, falling even deeper under his spell.

The Collar - Part 4: (BDSM, Mind Control, Master and Submissive)

Please note: This is some of the roughest, most romantic smut I've ever written. Probably not something you'd want to read in public, if you catch me. ;)

When kitten’s Master Blackthorne goes away on business for two days, he calls in Master Theodore to stay with her. They had already enjoyed a taste of each other at a dungeon party, but their lust becomes nearly uncontrollable when Theodore gets his hands on the control device for her collar. Suddenly they are wildly in love, and he’s taking her to limits she’d only dreamed of.
18+, BDSM, Bondage, Extremely Rough, Romantic Sex.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Exquisite Chains: (First Time Submission at a BDSM Dungeon)

Kacey works as a server in a fabulous creative space but has never worked a shift at the most infamous event they host each month. She finally gets to attend the huge BDSM party and witness spanking, flogging, and bondage first hand. She’s been curious for years, but when a gorgeous dominant man needs a volunteer for his performance, can she save the day? She finds the slightly unnerving feeling of cold steel chains across her skin incredibly arousing, and being his captive, his submissive, drives her crazy. Will she let her desires run wild?
18+, BDSM, spanking, bondage, intense sexual and sensual scenes.

The Bigsby Brothers Part 4: Three Billionaires share a sexy “pet”, Kiki

Kiki loves being the sexy pet of these strangely similar yet adopted brothers, especially now that they’ve all admitted that they have real feelings for her, and consider her their girlfriend. They enjoy their luxury vacation by the ocean, and adore spending so much time with her. But when they’re out on the beach, their little arrangement with Kiki might become public, threatening their business.

Series Page:
18+, steamy sex scenes.

Monday, 25 March 2019

The Collar - Part 3: (BDSM, Mind Control, Master and Submissive)

She is his gorgeous pet, and is deliriously happy to serve her adoring Master, who controls her completely. At the push of a button, he can enhance her natural desires, helping her be everything she wants to be – more aroused, more open, and the perfect toy. Kitten is nervous about her punishment for accidentally misbehaving on the way home from the dungeon party, and has been asked to choose between lashes with the cane or gentle sex in the one way she’d never tried with her current Master. But after wearing an inserted tail for a while, she was trying hard to be open minded. Master teases her all day long, taking her, restraining her, challenging her, and finally helping her to get over her fears and giving herself to him unconditionally.

18+, BDSM, spanking, bondage, intense sexual and sensual scenes.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

The Dare – Auction at the BDSM Dungeon: (S&M Submission)

Sometimes it just takes one little push to make your fantasies a reality. Julia and her best friend often dare each other into big, life changing challenges. But now Julia is on the auction block at a charity BDSM fundraiser, being sold for an evening of fun and games even though she doesn’t quite understand the rules. She’ll have to get over her fears to have the time of her life – letting go completely to be someone’s submissive, sensual, sexual plaything for the evening.
18+, spanking, bondage, intense sexual scenes, first time S&M training.
If you enjoy this book, please also check out Lexie's new series, “The Collar”.
Check out for more, including a free story for those on the email list!

Saturday, 16 March 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 9 : Mind Control Bimbofication, Surrendering to Mental Suggestions

Mark has no right to complain, but his world has been overrun by his many girlfriends, who all call him Master and live to obey his every whim. His new client Sarah wants a tattoo to symbolize her bisexuality, and Natalie is more than happy to be her first woman. An old friend of his grandfather’s brings Mark news of an antidote, but will Mark have the willpower to use it? And why would Clara barge into his apartment, bringing another guy? Her demands will always be obeyed, even if she wants... that.

This series gets hotter the farther it goes - keep reading!
Series page here:
18+, sexy mind controlled harem, explicit sex scenes.

The Collar - Part 2: (BDSM, Mind Control, Master and Submissive)

Her adoring Master controls her completely. At the push of a button, he can enhance her natural desires, helping her be everything she wants to be – more aroused, more open, and the perfect toy. He plays with his gorgeous pet roughly, making her deliriously happy by serving him. Then they go to a BDSM party where she is handed over to another Master to play with. His leather bondage arouses them both, and she’s delighted to serve the dominant she’s had a little crush on. As her Master tries to help her get over her fears, he asks her to wear a kitten tail plug for the rest of the night, stimulating her in a gentle way so that she’ll be ready for his next request.

18+, BDSM, spanking, bondage, intense sexual and sensual scenes.

My Neighbor’s Dungeon - 50 Shades of Roses Part 4: (BDSM Submission Romance)

Pretty little Lindsay has lived next to gorgeous older hunk Nick for years, and has been his secret submissive for the past few months. He brings her to his office to fulfill a longtime fantasy, helping her to push through her boundaries yet again. When he realizes she’s never used her safe word, he concocts a plan to torture her with pleasure until she ends a scene. In the sexually charged energy of his dungeon party, Nick realizes that he needs her more than he needs to be appropriate, and pushes his own boundaries.
Note: Spanking, bondage, domination, submission, super hot steamy times - all of the good stuff!
The series page:

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Collar - Part 1: (BDSM, Mind Control, Master and Submissive)

She has given herself to her Master, whom she adores, and who controls her completely. She wears a collar at all times, and at the push of a button, he can make her more aroused, more open, and the perfect toy. These are already her natural desires, so it’s easy to fine tune the impulses to help her be everything she wants to be. His kitten is the perfect subject for his neurology experimentation, and she’s eager to try everything... Even things that she never thought she’d try again.

(Part Two coming this week!)

Love Slave – a Valentine Fantasy: (Playful BDSM, domination, submission)

Ryan started dating foxy little Ashley about a year ago, just after February 14th. She said that since he’d been so good to her, his Valentine’s gift would be to take her for the day as his toy, his sex pet, to do anything and everything he wanted. Ryan had been so busy being a great boyfriend that his kinky side hadn’t been revealed, until now. Ashley discovers that letting go can bring her a whole new world of pleasure, and she adores being his dirty girl.

Sizzling Sexy Stories – 2018 Vol.2: 10 Story Erotica Bundle (Billionaire BDSM Paranormal Sci Fi & more)

10 scorching hot stories for just 10 bucks! ($9.99)

Billionaires, BDSM, Mind Control, Paranormal Sex Toys, Groupies, Sci-Fi Bi BDSM, and more to keep you HOT tonight!

Billionaire BDSM Blackout
Beth is the only girl at the party, with three fabulous hunks!

Hot Blizzard
Trapped with her older next door neighbor, Taylor gets to fulfill her longtime fantasy.

My Sexy Wife (Novella)
Romantic and sweet, Jim shares his gorgeous wife Katya – she’s too hot to keep to himself.

The Crew’s Bonus
Grace is listed as “relief crew” on the Artemis Seven, and is at the mercy of her Mistress, and whoever she is shared with.

Master Professor
Gemma’s crush on her professor gets worse when she finds out he’s a BDSM Master.

What Happens on Dionysus Stays on Dionysus
In an anti-sex planet cluster, this visiting pleasure cruiser provides a much needed “vacation.”

Electric Sex Toy
Sexy cam girl Angelica loses control of her show and is at the mercy of internet perverts who adore her.

Sexual Chemistry
Jennifer’s bad luck with men changes with she experiments with a new pheromone compound.

Groupies - Rockstar Secrets
The band is hot, but the desperate, determined girls are even hotter.

She Takes Requests
She’s not just a DJ, she encourages club patrons to have wild sex for the cameras.

18+, scorching steamy scenes!

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Sizzling Sexy Stories – 2018 Vol.1: 10 Story Erotica Bundle (Vampire Hotwife Camgirl Student Professor & More)

10 scorching hot stories for just 10 bucks! ($9.99) 

Sexy Vampire, Student / Professor, Hotwife Camgirl, Angel & Demon, a Permanent Virgin, and more!
These lusty yet sometimes surprisingly romantic stories will keep you warm at night!

Vampire Girl in Brooklyn
Sex, Blood, and Rock & Roll - 100 yr old Emma is feeling restless, but when she meets Ryan, the singer in a rock band, she is excited for more than dinner.

Good Girl, Hot Professor
University student Lisa has fallen behind, and her grades are at the mercy of her blazing hot history teacher.

My Bimbo Wife is a Cam Girl Parts 1 & 2
Craig has turned his smoking hot wife into a lusty cam girl who will do anything he wants for their audience.

Sexy rock promoter Emily just turned 19, ditched her boring boyfriend, and is pouncing on a few crushes.

Nasty Angel
Angelica tries hard to be good, but being an angel on earth doesn’t give her the satisfaction she craves. She can’t truly feel alive unless she’s being wicked with a minion of hell.

Fertile Desert
Dystopian Fantasy - Clarissa’s family has thrown her out of their compound until she can be of use... which means getting pregnant any way she can.

Permanent Virgin Parts 1, 2, 3
What’s a scorching hot blonde to do when her hymen grows back? Cash in! Sugar Daddies instantly trust her when she allows them to be her “first”.