Wednesday, 29 April 2020

MAY DAY SALE & FREEBIES!!! (grab the link BEFORE May starts!)

Let's start off the new month with giving, sharing, and more books to read!

To celebrate the beginning of May, there will be 2 free books, a "buy one get one free" deal, and a countdown deal where a 10 story collection jumps from $7.99 to $3.99.

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Here it is...  


Tying Tracy: (First time bondage BDSM erotica)

A jumpy woman finds stillness when her new boyfriend ties her down.

Tracy hates that she’s so twitchy all the time. Jim wonders how she’d react to bondage, and they quickly discover it’s exactly what she needed. As Tracy learns more about the world of BDSM, she finds that giving her body and control to Jim allow her to feel peaceful... then more excited than she’d ever been before.

This 7,800 word scorching hot short story features several explicit sexy times, restraints, light hearted Master/toy play.

Carrie’s Cuffs: (BDSM office erotica)

A woman in complete control discovers her hidden submissive side.

Carrie ruled her entire office, and was the picture of efficiency. When she is trapped with the hunky new intern Brad, she quickly finds that she needs him to control her. The second she is cuffed, she becomes a different person, completely in touch with her submissive, sensual side. Brad eases her slowly into the idea of her being his little toy until she gives herself completely in every way.

This 9,000 word scorching hot short story features several explicit sexy times, restraints, light-hearted Master/toy play.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Laura’s Collar: (Playful first time BDSM erotic short story)

Sometimes all a timid girl needs is a gentle push in the right direction.

I really liked Laura a lot, but we didn’t click in the bedroom. She was so timid that it made me nervous. As a last resort, I bought her a collar. I thought if she tried to think of herself as a sexy pet, my submissive, just for one night, it might help her loosen up. I had no idea that it would instantly change us both.

I’d always been a “lights off” kind of girl. I didn’t know how to be sexy. Having Shane command me to be his plaything was wild. I was suddenly free. Everything I’d ever been nervous to try was now exciting. Our hunger for each other quickly made us both insatiable.

This oddly romantic yet scorching hot erotic short story might inspire you to test drive a few bedroom games as well! 

Studying Shawna: (BDSM Training School Book #18)

A submissive gives herself completely to her Master, hoping he will keep her.

Shawna has learned so much about BDSM, and herself. Master Dawson realizes that he wants to keep her, but he’s been a trainer for so long that he’s not sure about the change. Their scorching hot play time increases as he tried to decide. As Shawna learns to lose herself, giving herself to her Master with no restrictions, she finally thinks of the perfect solution.

Vivid sex scenes, bondage, BDSM content.
Note: Start at the beginning of the series with “Teaching Sierra” or jump right into Shawna’s story with #16. Each girl has three books of submissive exploration. Paperbacks are available.