Thursday, 28 June 2018

She Takes Requests : Mind Control / Hypnotized Club Goers have Public Sex for Rich Web Cam Voyeurs

I am a DJ. But I’m so much more than that. I allow a select group of ridiculously wealthy people choose patrons from the crowd at my club and watch them have sex via closed-circuit high-resolution video. Not only that, they can direct what style of sex, the positions, and watch several different angles from the hundreds of hidden cameras. They are the director of their own nasty fantasy video, and I control it all. 

Client Number 4276
REQUEST: Sweet, innocent looking blonde girl with sandy-haired average man. Girl on her knees, then doggy style on the lounge couch in the blue area.
Client Number 4277
REQUEST: Bimbofication of gorgeous girl, any kind of sex with geeky nerd guy.
Client Number 4278
REQUEST: Petite pale redheaded girl with a large black man. Sex in men’s room.

Basement Sex Doll - Part Four: (Mind Controlled, Hypnotized Girls in a Secret Dungeon Sex Club)

This series is getting hotter with every release!

Sarah signs up to be a live sex doll at FH Mansion, and Brent chooses her new gorgeous personna Seven to be his hot club girl pickup - with more of his fantasies fulfilled than he expected. Five’s time is up, and as Carrie is released from the Mansion, she has a memory flash of her first time with amazing hunk Josh. He’s been searching for her, and when he finds her, will they still have that intense connection?
WARNING: 18+. Hot sex, mind control, hypnosis, live sex dolls.

Hey You!
I see that you’re a reader. This also means that you’re smarter, which to me, means you’re sexier. Therefore, you deserve a free story! (You also deserve chocolate, but I don’t know how to jam that into these newfangled computerators.) Slip me your email and I’ll send you your story, it will be our little secret...
Pay no attention to the Viking in a tiara.

Friday, 22 June 2018

The Bigsby Brothers: Three Billionaires share a sexy “pet”, Kiki

Smoking hot sex, any time they want it!

Throughout the three-level penthouse of the Bigsby Tower, three brothers can ring a bell any time they need assistance. They have a housekeeper, maids, cooks... and a house “pet” Kiki. They have no time for wives, no time for gold digging girlfriends. Instead they have a sweet girl available at their beck and call who will come running to satisfy any possible desire.

Kiki used to work three jobs to make ends meet, and was always afraid of losing her lousy apartment. Now she lives in the lap of luxury, and her only goal is to keep her owners wanting more.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Billionaire’s Sugar Baby: From Trailer Trash to Sex Pet

Grace was soaking wet and shivering in an alley when she met her Prince Charming. Well, he wasn’t really a prince, but Cole Hawthorne was so rich and powerful in this city it was practically the same thing. When faced with the decision to go back to her trashy trailer park, or come home with Cole, she decides to take a chance and move up in the world. Being Cole’s secret mistress could be the answer to all of her problems, but will she be able to satisfy him?


My breath was hot and stifled as my face pressed into the bed. The leather straps held my arms extended straight out, tied to the large metal ring in the center of the headboard. Each ankle was captured in a leather cuff and chained to the lower bedposts. I was helpless, legs spread wide, naked and waiting.

I used to be embarrassed when Ms. Helga would fetch me from my huge fancy bedroom. She would guide me to a room, and wait for me to strip or dress in outfits laid out for me. Then after tying me up and blindfolding me as per her instructions, she’d leave me ready for my Master, whenever he should return. She informed me that today he requested “silent time”, which meant I wasn’t to make a sound. He probably just needed a quick fuck to work out some stress.

I think he enjoyed having me wait, knowing what was to come. I was always soaking wet by the time he arrived, ready for him, and whatever he wanted of me.

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Friday, 1 June 2018

Slutty Women - Hot Sex with Lusty Ladies: (5 story bundle)

Grab these 5 stories for a special deal! Approx. Half Price!
Lurk, Sleazy Tales from the Bartender, Sorceress Sybella Live, Cheating with a Demon, Mary F. Kill

These ladies want sex, and they want it now! A wife sets up scenarios where her husband watches her with strange men. A bartender picks up men while she's at work. A performance art play is based on live sex and an MFM threesome. A couple moves to a new house where a demon appears and seduces the wife. A hit woman loves to give her targets one last thrill.

If you like creative, unusual smut with a little story along with the hot sex, click "Look Inside" for a Sneaky Peek! 

Basement Sex Doll - Part Three: (Mind Controlled, Hypnotized Girls in a Secret Dungeon Sex Club)

When Annie signs up to be a live sex doll at FH Mansion, she didn’t realize that her acting talents would be used to their fullest extent, even though she is hypnotised. Fulfilling a client’s long time fantasy, she becomes an 1880’s saloon girl, slinging whisky and having it on with a gunslinger. Meanwhile, Josh is infatuated with his doll Five, hoping that she slips out of her programming again so that he can speak with Carrie. Her time at the mansion is almost up, and he cannot bear the thought of never seeing her again.
WARNING: 18+. Hot sex, mind control, hypnosis, live sex dolls.
Bonus Excerpt: Several pages at very end of “My Sexy Wife”

Read the whole series here: