Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Teasing Sierra: BDSM Training School Book #3

Sierra signed up to the BDSM Academy to learn how to be the perfect submissive for Master Jeremy for a month, and time is running out. Sierra has always dreamed of being a man’s toy, and her shyness is melting away due to the devoted attention of her sexy Master. He takes her to a dungeon to have sex in public, and enjoys a few other “first time” adventures with her, as he tries to decide if keeping her is the right thing for both of them.

18+, intense sex scenes, BDSM content.

Hotter than Fireworks: A Canada Day Exhibitionist Fantasy

For their anniversary on Canada Day, Tara decides to spice up their sex life by being Shawn’s toy for the night, doing anything and everything he wants. He had teased about being an exhibitionist before, but she had no idea what kinky games he’d get up to! Vibrating panties, a butt plug, sex in a dark alley... It sounds like Shawn had been planning this day for a while. Now that Tara is more in touch with her kinky side, Shawn is thrilled at how much they both enjoy it when he takes charge.

18+, smoking hot sexy times, semi-public sex.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 11: Harem, Mental Suggestion Spell


This series gets hotter the farther it goes... 
Mark’s “Master’s Rose” magical tattoo ink has turned several hot women into his sexual playthings, but they’ve also taken over his life, and he’s trying to restore balance for all of them. Mark hasn’t been spending as much time with Emily, but when she comes over for a sexy date, he realizes he must use the antidote ink to undo her spell. A beautiful tattoo customer returns, even though he didn’t mean to add any mind control commands to her tattoo beyond being a little less shy. Kayla says he’s the only man she’s ever been comfortable with, and wants him to be her first. Then, even though it breaks his heart, he has a last romp with Natalie, hoping that when he releases her from the mental commands, she won’t leave completely.

Training Sierra: (BDSM Training School Book #2)


A new scorching hot S&M series.

The BDSM Academy is rarely spoken of beyond a whisper. But Sierra has been the sweet little pet of Master Jeremy for two weeks now, learning the intricacies of being the perfect submissive. Sierra has always dreamed of being a man’s toy, and her shyness is melting away due to the devoted attention of her sexy Master. She is learning how to serve him, but also learning about her own needs and desires along the way... and accidentally learns how wonderful it is to completely lose control.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Suddenly His Toy: - a Sexy Office Pet Romance


The job title is “assistant”, but the boss wants MUCH more from her... 
Sarah is a new assistant, catching the eye of the CEO who wants to use her as his sex pet and toy. At first she plays his games because she needs the money, but suddenly she discovers that she’s addicted to him - his punishments, the rough, hot encounters, and the adrenaline that crashes through her veins every time she’s near him.

18+, explicit smoking hot sexy times, spanking, office smut.

The Kink Hotel: (First Time BDSM, S&M experience)


A curious girl discovers she loves the BDSM world!

Once a year, BDSM groups from three different cities all converge on a small northern hotel. This is Tori’s first time working as a hotel maid for the special event, but she’s excited to learn more about the S&M scene, as she’s always been curious. When she draws the eye of handsome Master Devin, will she give in to her desires, and test the waters for herself? (Of course she will!)