Friday, 29 September 2017

NEW Erotic Romance: Colossal - How big is too big?

Ashley has had bad luck in the dating world, as she is only aroused by men who are extremely well endowed. Zach is a shy guy who is afraid to scare or hurt women with his massive appendage. Through the help of a sassy drag queen and some random luck, this sweet couple might have a chance together, if they could stop being so timid and get things out in the open. 

Will they ever get together and consummate their attraction? And is it even physically possible?
Come on, this is a romance story. There will be hot sex and a happy ending at some point. 

WARNING: HOT Sex scenes. Bring some lube. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

New Erotica: LURK - She likes strangers, He likes to watch.

Carol and Scott are the perfect married couple. They garden, they go to the theatre, and he watches her have steamy sex with strangers while he is locked in the trunk of their car, tied to a chair in the next room, or hidden behind a curtain with peepholes. You know, normal stuff.

WARNING: Includes several scenes of smoking hot sex, that get progressively hotter through the story! The helpless husband enjoys watching almost as much as the wife enjoys screwing the random guy from a bar, the workman, some buff dude from the gym. If this story doesn't get you hot, please see your doctor immediately. 

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

NEW Erotica: Mary F. Kill - Hitwoman

Mary F. Kill - Hitwoman

Wham, Bam, Ma'am! Sexy and tough, Mary is a professional, with her own perverted twist - she loves being the last woman a man fucks. She seduces with passion, before the cold blooded kill. Playing the part of the ditzy bimbo, or a lookalike of a businessman's hot step daughter, she plays whatever part she needs to get what she wants.

WARNING: Includes rough sex with a playboy in a hot tub, and seducing a businessman dressed like his slutty stepdaughter.
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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Bad Girls Bundle - 3 stories of naughty gals, and bonus scenes!

Save money, get more naughty literotica!
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Friday, 15 September 2017

First Banned Book! Woohoo!

WOOHOO - my very first banned book! Honestly, there is nothing wrong with it, but they likely didn't bother reading the whole thing, just rejected the concept. I can understand them being fussy, but I was just as fussy about not crossing any lines.

That's fine! Since they won't publish it, I've made it CHEAPER than their minimum price right here: 

Countdown - he's making her wait, and driving her crazy!
Lee is 17.999 years old, and already into the BDSM scene. When she meets Jesse, she immediately wants to offer herself to him, and for him to be her Dom. But straightlaced businessman Jesse refuses to be seen with an underage girl. However... it's just a few weeks. Will it be worth the wait?