Saturday, 14 March 2020

Teasing my Submissive Wife: (BDSM Hotwife Erotic Short)

If you truly love your wife, share her with others...

Trevor adores his sexy wife Lori, who is his sweet little submissive pet. She always said that she would do anything at all for him, so during a moment of passion, he asks again if he should share her. When she agrees, Trevor arranges for two dominant men from their local dungeon to drop in and help discipline his sexy wife. Lori adores the attention, and gets even more than she expected.

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Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 10: (First Time Public Sex, Threesome, FMF)

What’s the best gift to give your husband for your 10th anniversary? Public sex & a threesome!

Andrea didn’t want the heat in her wonderful marriage to cool off, so she took Shawn to Paradise, their local sex club. He once showed interest in a naughty movie with two girls and one guy... why not try the real thing, and let him be the star? Shawn is delighted with her sexy ideas, and even though Andrea is more than enough to ignite his desire, adding their new friend Kim into the mix creates an explosion of lust.

Sex club, public sex, erotic scenes. FMF

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Showing Shawna: (BDSM Training School Book #16)

Shawna tries to challenge herself by learning from a new Master.

Sexy Shawna wants to learn everything about the BDSM world, but she doesn’t have nearly as much experience as she lets on. When Master Dawson takes her as his submissive for the month, he tests her limits and boundaries, showing her what she can and cannot handle so far. Their chemistry is immediate, and will help her trust her new Master while he cares for her in every possible way.

Vivid sex scenes, bondage, spanking, BDSM content.

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