Wednesday, 23 May 2018

New Erotica - Sexual Chemistry: Bad luck or bad pheromones, science can create hot sex!

Does Jennifer have atrocious luck with men, or is it a case of toxic pheromones repelling every guy she hits on? Luckily, she’s a biochemist who can experiment with this sort of thing. She creates a compound that should instantly fill men with lust, making them absolutely crave her. But in order to prove her discovery, she’ll have to get out there and test it herself... on a few different subjects.
WARNING: 18+. Hot Sex, and running experiments on lusty men.

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 4 (Master and pet, public sex, first time lesbian encounter, sex with strangers)

-- Erotica --

James takes his gorgeous "pet" Blue to the sex club to drive her wild - having strangers watch her serve his friends, and not letting her come until she has taken care of everyone else. Blue doesn't speak much while she is in her submissive headspace, but when she finally screams, you'll hear her! WARNING: 18+ ONLY, Public sex, lesbian first time, sex with a stranger.

Enjoy the rest of the series:

Sneaky Peek

I begin kissing her at the knees, gliding upward as my hands stroked the outside of her thighs. She seemed to enjoy it, as her hips moved slightly, giving me an opportunity to admire her pussy. Sliding my hands up to her hip bones, I glided my tongue lightly along her outer pussy lips. She tasted amazing, much different than I did when James had me lick his fingers or cock clean.

I let my tongue slither lazily along each fold, making her skin come alive. I flattened my tongue and licked the entire length of her slit, and heard her moan. I was thrilled to be pleasing her, even though I was just copying what James always did to me. I flicked my tongue around her inner pussy lips, teasing her opening, and causing her to wrap her fingers in my hair.

I worked my tongue upward, circling her clit as I gently slid two fingers inside her slick tunnel.

“Oh,” she moaned, as I finger fucked her while sucking hard on her hot little button. I remembered to keep my fingers facing upward so that I could dig into her G-spot as I thrust deeper and harder. She shrieked with pleasure, and I felt her heat building. Grinding my tongue and lips against her clit, I felt her orgasm build, and tried not to smile to myself. My first time serving a woman, and she was truly enjoying it. 


Basement Sex Doll - Part Two: (Mind Controlled, Hypnotized Girls in a Secret Dungeon Sex Club)

-- Erotica --

Carrie is signing her body away to be a hypnotised sex doll for ten months, even though she’s shy and doesn’t think she’s very good in the bedroom. She is hoping that the programming will bring out her wild, primal self - even if she doesn’t remember.
But maybe she will?

In the centre of downtown Toronto, there are sex dolls in the basement, waiting in stasis for you...

Groupies - Rockstar Secrets - Part 1: (dirty rock bad boy musician romance)

-- Erotica --

The band is hot, but the desperate, determined girls are even hotter.

Perverted, debaucherous men love variety, and when women are throwing themselves at us at every show, we can't say no. Variety is the spice of life, and I get so much glorious, wet, sweet pussy thrown my way I’ll never get bored of it.
- Kyle, Cherry Laser guitarist

This was it. The biggest crush of my life was about to take me. I could barely breathe I was so thrilled. I had no idea if it would turn him on or not if he knew that he was my first.
- Katie, Groupie