Saturday, 28 September 2019

My first Video Review! (Nomad's Deal - Sci Fi Alien Romance Novella)

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September 20, 2019
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I was a little skeptical when someone first recommended this book to me. Science-fiction and romance were two genres that I've never really seen mixing well.

However, I gave it a try and within a few pages I was hooked. Her book is smart, sexy as all heck, and a lot of fun to read.

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Saturday, 21 September 2019

NEW NOVEL: Heights of Luxury: Dystopian Future Erotic Romance


The air, the light, the technology, the rules...
everything was wildly different 71 Levels up.

Ellie only had one goal in life – to provide for her little sister. But Trin was so ridiculously smart that Ellie must find a way to pay for her education, even though they are poor and live way down on Level 7. She’s already sold her image as a sexy cam girl. There’s not much of a difference renting her entire body for a month in the Condo Courtesan Auction.

Decadent bachelors Adam and Ben share everything – their business, and their luxury condo up Level 71. With very few elevated women, it was common in their refined circles to purchase a mistress for a month. But when Adam bought Ellie he was surprised that his dark urges were finally triggered, and Ben was shocked to discover it was a girl he’d already seen.

Will they be able to share her? Will innocent Ellie be able to keep up with their unusual sensual appetites, while following the new restrictive rules of the higher levels? Will she be able to trust two complete strangers, then leave their opulent life to get back to Trin? What will happen when she discovers the little secrets that both Ben and Adam tried to hide?

18 + WARNING: This book contains many *extremely* vivid, graphic sexual scenes.

The Girl in Room 3503: Down & Dirty Office Erotica

The ultimate sensual office perk...

Once an executive hits their sales targets at Jeff’s new office, they’re given access to Room 3503.
When he clicks the new icon on his laptop he discovers that he can make an appointment with the gorgeous secret girl who will do absolutely anything to de-stress and motivate the sales team. Jeff uses this new “perk” to his advantage, realizing that being more aggressive helped all aspects of his life, but he quickly falls for this sweet dream girl.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Love this review!

September 16, 2019

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Sitter - BDSM House Pet: (First Time Domination, Submissive)

A sweet little pet to play with for the weekend...

When David asked his buddy to take care of his girlfriend Anna while he was away for the weekend, Tyler thought he meant to check in on her in case she needed anything. It turns out that Anna was actually a submissive pet, and required a lot more attention than Tyler could ever have imagined. Suddenly he was in charge of a smoking hot twenty-one year old who was begging him for spankings, and eager to serve him in every possible way.

My Neighbor’s Dungeon - 50 Shades of Roses Part 5: (Conclusion. BDSM Submission Romance)

The conclusion of this sensual, romantic S&M story...

Pretty little Lindsay has lived next door to gorgeous older hunk Nick for years, and has been his secret submissive for the past few months. He treats her like a pet when he calls her to his office to serve him, but then later tests her boundaries by seeing how much of an exhibitionist she’s willing to be for him. Since her parents are relaxing about the two of them dating, they can finally plan a future together. Nick takes her on a real vanilla date, then finds new ways to surprise her at his next dungeon party.
18+ only: Spanking, bondage, true love, domination, submission, super hot steamy times - all of the good stuff!

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Perfecting Emma: (BDSM Training School Book #6)

Saucy, hot brat finally obeys her new Master!

Master Darren has been teaching Emma the basics of bondage, service, obedience and submission. She finally realizes that submitting to him completely wasn’t losing herself, it was exploring a different side. When he asks to try something she’s never done before, she offers her body to him completely, in every possible way.

18+, vivid sex scenes, bondage, BDSM content.

House Boy from the Future: (Female Domination, Male Submission, Sensual Fantasy, FemmeDom)

He looks like a huge alpha male, but behaves like a sweet little pet!

When a strong willed, lonely businesswoman has a completely subservient man fall into her life, she’s going to make the most of it. Brax comes from the future, where huge muscular men are accustomed to serving women completely. Madison takes him in and suddenly discovers that having a hot man obeying her every command is exactly what she needed.

18+ only. This quick and savagely hot erotic story features gentle female domination, male submission, and time travel. (Just roll with it.)