Saturday, 21 September 2019

NEW NOVEL: Heights of Luxury: Dystopian Future Erotic Romance


The air, the light, the technology, the rules...
everything was wildly different 71 Levels up.

Ellie only had one goal in life – to provide for her little sister. But Trin was so ridiculously smart that Ellie must find a way to pay for her education, even though they are poor and live way down on Level 7. She’s already sold her image as a sexy cam girl. There’s not much of a difference renting her entire body for a month in the Condo Courtesan Auction.

Decadent bachelors Adam and Ben share everything – their business, and their luxury condo up Level 71. With very few elevated women, it was common in their refined circles to purchase a mistress for a month. But when Adam bought Ellie he was surprised that his dark urges were finally triggered, and Ben was shocked to discover it was a girl he’d already seen.

Will they be able to share her? Will innocent Ellie be able to keep up with their unusual sensual appetites, while following the new restrictive rules of the higher levels? Will she be able to trust two complete strangers, then leave their opulent life to get back to Trin? What will happen when she discovers the little secrets that both Ben and Adam tried to hide?

18 + WARNING: This book contains many *extremely* vivid, graphic sexual scenes.

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