Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 13: Harem, Mental Suggestion Spell, Conclusion of Series

Mark releases the last of his harem from his spell...

The night of the full moon, Mark has a gorgeous last minute client who throws herself at him. He tries to resist, until Marissa invites Trisha up to bed with them. After he performs the ritual to release all women from any of his mental suggestions, he’s shocked to see that Marissa comes back... along with some of the rest.

Series page here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NJ6NLD1

Monday, 12 August 2019

Accidental Submissive: (First Time BDSM, S&M, submissive spanking experience)


A hotel delivery turns into sexy spankings and more...

Jenna had to suddenly relocate across the country, ending up in a new town as a room service delivery girl. She envies the escorts who work in the hotel, as she desperately needs some fast cash. She makes a delivery to a room where a gorgeous man is expecting a professional submissive. Can she fake it well enough to earn the money? She quickly discovers that she loves the way he controls her, and is soon obeying every command. She’s never felt so submissive, so sexy, and so treasured.

18+, smoking hot sexy times, sweet submission, light spanking, light bondage.
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Polishing Emma: (BDSM Training School Book #5)


Saucy, hot brat won’t obey her new Master!

Master Darren is trying desperately to teach Emma the basics of bondage, service, obedience and submission. But all she wants is the scorching hot sex, jumping him at every opportunity. Finally it takes the threat of the cane, then the threat of not taking her again that persuades her to behave, allowing her to open up to him completely, in all possible ways.

18+, intense sex scenes, BDSM content.
Note: Start at the beginning of the series with “Teaching Sierra” or jump right into the next story with Preparing Emma.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

AUGUST UPDATE: Coming soon!

Hello folks!

Just keeping you up to date on the caffeine fueled sexy publications that will be coming out over the next two months!


Coming Soon:

Libido Laboratory - Part 6
The Tattoo Artist Part 13 (the end)
My Neighbor's Dungeon Part 5 (the end)
Perfecting Emma - BDSM Training School Part 6
The Bigsby Brothers - Parts 1 through 5 - Paperback
Tori's Lesbian Alien Futa Vacation - Part 2
Captured Alien Sex Toy - Part 15 (the end)

Sexy Sci-Fi Novella centered in a strange warehouse club. 

A comedy book (Wait until you hear the title next month!!!)

A comedy erotica novel set in the most hilarious decade of all.

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