Sunday, 4 August 2019

AUGUST UPDATE: Coming soon!

Hello folks!

Just keeping you up to date on the caffeine fueled sexy publications that will be coming out over the next two months!


Coming Soon:

Libido Laboratory - Part 6
The Tattoo Artist Part 13 (the end)
My Neighbor's Dungeon Part 5 (the end)
Perfecting Emma - BDSM Training School Part 6
The Bigsby Brothers - Parts 1 through 5 - Paperback
Tori's Lesbian Alien Futa Vacation - Part 2
Captured Alien Sex Toy - Part 15 (the end)

Sexy Sci-Fi Novella centered in a strange warehouse club. 

A comedy book (Wait until you hear the title next month!!!)

A comedy erotica novel set in the most hilarious decade of all.

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#SMUTember is coming soon, so stay tuned!
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