Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 7: Mind Control Bimbofication, Surrendering to Mental Suggestions

Was Mark starting to let the power go to his head?
Marissa, the gorgeous submissive goth, Joanne the hot blonde model, and wealthy Emily with her family money are all trying to improve the life of their Master - the cunning tattoo artist who implanted powerful mental suggestions while tattooing them with “Master’s Rose” ink. Now they are his pets and playthings, and all having the time of their lives, both with their Master, and each other. The only problem Mark has left is thinking of creative ways to entertain his ladies.
18+, sexy mind controlled harem.

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My Neighbor’s Dungeon - 50 Shades of Roses Part 3: (BDSM Submission Romance)

Pretty little Lindsay has lived next to gorgeous older hunk Nick for years, and has been his secret submissive for the past few months. He encourages her to put herself on display to impress his friends at S&M parties, but then persuades her to let go even more. She is shocked when he takes her on a public date, finding a way to make it okay with her parents. But are they becoming too addicted to each other, and taking too many chances? Will he ever stop pushing her boundaries?
Note: Spanking, bondage, domination, submission, super hot steamy times - all of the good stuff! Click “Look Inside” for a Sneak Peek!