Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Collar - Part 1: (BDSM, Mind Control, Master and Submissive)

She has given herself to her Master, whom she adores, and who controls her completely. She wears a collar at all times, and at the push of a button, he can make her more aroused, more open, and the perfect toy. These are already her natural desires, so it’s easy to fine tune the impulses to help her be everything she wants to be. His kitten is the perfect subject for his neurology experimentation, and she’s eager to try everything... Even things that she never thought she’d try again.

(Part Two coming this week!)

Love Slave – a Valentine Fantasy: (Playful BDSM, domination, submission)

Ryan started dating foxy little Ashley about a year ago, just after February 14th. She said that since he’d been so good to her, his Valentine’s gift would be to take her for the day as his toy, his sex pet, to do anything and everything he wanted. Ryan had been so busy being a great boyfriend that his kinky side hadn’t been revealed, until now. Ashley discovers that letting go can bring her a whole new world of pleasure, and she adores being his dirty girl.

Sizzling Sexy Stories – 2018 Vol.2: 10 Story Erotica Bundle (Billionaire BDSM Paranormal Sci Fi & more)

10 scorching hot stories for just 10 bucks! ($9.99)

Billionaires, BDSM, Mind Control, Paranormal Sex Toys, Groupies, Sci-Fi Bi BDSM, and more to keep you HOT tonight!

Billionaire BDSM Blackout
Beth is the only girl at the party, with three fabulous hunks!

Hot Blizzard
Trapped with her older next door neighbor, Taylor gets to fulfill her longtime fantasy.

My Sexy Wife (Novella)
Romantic and sweet, Jim shares his gorgeous wife Katya – she’s too hot to keep to himself.

The Crew’s Bonus
Grace is listed as “relief crew” on the Artemis Seven, and is at the mercy of her Mistress, and whoever she is shared with.

Master Professor
Gemma’s crush on her professor gets worse when she finds out he’s a BDSM Master.

What Happens on Dionysus Stays on Dionysus
In an anti-sex planet cluster, this visiting pleasure cruiser provides a much needed “vacation.”

Electric Sex Toy
Sexy cam girl Angelica loses control of her show and is at the mercy of internet perverts who adore her.

Sexual Chemistry
Jennifer’s bad luck with men changes with she experiments with a new pheromone compound.

Groupies - Rockstar Secrets
The band is hot, but the desperate, determined girls are even hotter.

She Takes Requests
She’s not just a DJ, she encourages club patrons to have wild sex for the cameras.

18+, scorching steamy scenes!

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Sizzling Sexy Stories – 2018 Vol.1: 10 Story Erotica Bundle (Vampire Hotwife Camgirl Student Professor & More)

10 scorching hot stories for just 10 bucks! ($9.99) 

Sexy Vampire, Student / Professor, Hotwife Camgirl, Angel & Demon, a Permanent Virgin, and more!
These lusty yet sometimes surprisingly romantic stories will keep you warm at night!

Vampire Girl in Brooklyn
Sex, Blood, and Rock & Roll - 100 yr old Emma is feeling restless, but when she meets Ryan, the singer in a rock band, she is excited for more than dinner.

Good Girl, Hot Professor
University student Lisa has fallen behind, and her grades are at the mercy of her blazing hot history teacher.

My Bimbo Wife is a Cam Girl Parts 1 & 2
Craig has turned his smoking hot wife into a lusty cam girl who will do anything he wants for their audience.

Sexy rock promoter Emily just turned 19, ditched her boring boyfriend, and is pouncing on a few crushes.

Nasty Angel
Angelica tries hard to be good, but being an angel on earth doesn’t give her the satisfaction she craves. She can’t truly feel alive unless she’s being wicked with a minion of hell.

Fertile Desert
Dystopian Fantasy - Clarissa’s family has thrown her out of their compound until she can be of use... which means getting pregnant any way she can.

Permanent Virgin Parts 1, 2, 3
What’s a scorching hot blonde to do when her hymen grows back? Cash in! Sugar Daddies instantly trust her when she allows them to be her “first”.

The Bigsby Brothers Part 3 : 3 Billionaires share a sexy “pet”, Kiki (5 STAR REVIEW!)

Throughout the huge penthouse of the Bigsby Tower, three billionaire brothers share their sweet “pet” Kiki. They have no time for wives or gold digging girlfriends. Instead they have a gorgeous girl to satisfy every possible desire.
Kiki loves serving these strangely similar yet adopted brothers, but she’s nervous about having real feelings for them. When the men take her on vacation, the truth comes out. Will this throw off their balance, or lead to even more amazing sex?


Kiki has a voice :-)  
February 8, 2019   5 out of 5 stars

They finally had the "talk"!!! I wanna see what happens next. Max is really attentive's cute but I hope they all stay together. I hope there's another book!


YES! There will be at least 2 more episodes of The Bigsby Brothers, so stay tuned! Get on the email list if you'd like a notification when new titles are released.

Billionaire’s Sugar Baby Part 3: From Trailer Trash to Sex Pet

Sexy little Grace met powerful billionaire Cole Hawthorne just seven months ago, when he took her in as his sugarbaby sex pet. Being Cole’s secret mistress has been wonderful, but he wants to watch this time when he shares her with another business associate. She feels that Cole owns her body and soul, so she’ll do absolutely anything to please him.
18+, sex scenes.