Friday, 20 April 2018

My Sexy Wife, Part 1: (Romantic Steamy Dominant Mind Control by Magic, Hotwife)

What’s more romantic than magic and marriage? Jim was in the process of trying to make life easier for his sexy but stressed bride-to-be Katya, when his father passed along a family heirloom. These magical rings bond the wearers until they want nothing more than to please each other, and Jim quickly discovers he loves it when Katya is pleasing other men as well. Why shouldn’t their lives be helped along using Katya’s best talents?
18+ This 13,500-word novelette features true love, explicit sexual content, and magical mind control. 

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Yes, Master - BDSM stories - Paperback

What's this strange, old fashioned contraption... a PAPERBACK? Yes darling, why not!
Sometimes it's nice to snuggle under the covers with a real book. Or perhaps you're off to a beach and don't want to worry about electricity.

Pick it up for just $8.99 right here:

Yes, Master - BDSM stories - Paperback
Three tales of young submissive girls offering themselves to older men.

These three stories are available as ebooks here:
My Neighbor's Dungeon:
Master Professor:
His Naughty Secret:

My Neighbor's Dungeon
What does a girl have to do to get the next door neighbor to spank her? Pretty little Lindsay has lived next to gorgeous older hunk Nick for years, but she just accidentally discovered that he is an S&M Master - will he let her into his world? Will he want to play with the hot gardening girl next door who is enthralled with BDSM protocol? WARNING: Spanking, flogging, rope bondage, domination, submission, super hot sex - all of the good stuff!

Master Professor
He’s an S&M dominant, but she’s his university student. Would they dare? Gemma has a crush on her new art history professor, which gets worse when she discovers he's a dominant Master giving a demonstration at her local S&M club. Will this shy girl unmask both her professor and her feelings? (Of course she will.) WARNING: BDSM activities, sexual activities. You know, fun times!

His Naughty Secret
Lee is a 19 year old University student who loves BDSM, pain, and dominant men. She accidentally meets Jesse at a private S&M dungeon, but quickly finds out he's much older, and due to his work, must keep his personal life extremely private. Will he take a chance on an impulsive little brat? WARNING: Contains submission, bondage, spanking, young girl with an older man, and smoking hot first time sex. If the words, “Yes, Master” make you feel a bit tingly you should likely read this story. Lock your door first.

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Friday, 6 April 2018

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part Three: The Dirty Thirty - 3 Huge Orgasms from 3 strangers for Val’s big 3-0!

A hot young lady decides to go to a sex club for her special birthday with a mission to hit 3-0 in a fresh new way.

WARNING: Sex with strangers, gangbang, double penetration, voyeurism, you know - the usual Saturday night!

Part Three:
Part One & Two:

Sneaky Peek

“You want it hard?” he asked.
Flipping me over, he plunged back into me. At this angle, he was so deep, the sensation was extreme. He held onto my hip bones like handles and rammed into me.
“Harder,” I softly whispered.
“I can’t hear you, baby, tell me what you want.” He was toying with me, and it was sort of adorable.
“Harder,” I said in a clear voice.
“Only if you rub your clit and come for me.”
I instantly obeyed and was rewarded by his cock digging deeper, plus the sensation of my fingertips fluttering around my little button.
In moments I could feel my climax gathering strength, and I rapidly fluttered my fingers across my nerve center. Ed was fucking me so hard it was like he was trying to break me. I almost felt like I was being bruised inside - a glorious overload of friction and battering my insides.

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Online Slave Girl - Part Three

(Memory Control, Sex Slave, Web Cam, Submission)

The mysterious slave girl streams video while she has sex with her "Masters" - whoever the viewers tell her to pick up. She sees herself as a slave to the viewers on her website - they are her Masters as much as whoever she is currently serving in person... even though she's never actually seen this website. Her memory glitches are getting worse, but she's very happy serving anyone the Tech folks tell her to.

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WARNING: BDSM, anonymous sex, voyeurism, mystery, live sex toy, dildo machine, lesbian sex, MFF, mind control, memory control. All characters are over 18, all acts are consensual.

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Rush Hour Quickie #4 - Toronto Commuter Romance

Emily and Nora haven’t been alone together in a few weeks, and are starting to get a bit mental. After Nora gives Emily a quick orgasm at work, how will Emily find a way to return the favor? The only time they’ll be alone is on the bus ride home.

This standalone 4,191 word story features hot sexytimes with random commuters. You know, the usual night in downtown Toronto.
Toronto has the longest average commute in Canada, 37 - 42% take transit. What percentage have a quickie on the way to or from their workplace? Shhh. That’s a secret. But these are their stories.18+? Get on the mailing list for a free story and for weekly links to Rush Hour Quickies -

Rush Hour Quickie #3 - Toronto Commuter Romance

Kim was stuck in traffic on her way to the office, tolerating another day on the Don Valley Parkway until her car completely died. When giant hunk Dan arrives with a tow truck, he’s her knight in shining armour. But will he be able to “fix” a part of her that hasn’t been “serviced” in over a year? (This is romance, of course he will!)

This standalone 4,720 word story features hot sexytimes with random commuters. You know, the usual weekday in downtown Toronto.

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