Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Billionaire’s Sugar Baby Part 2: From Trailer Trash to Sex Pet (Mistress Sharing)

Sexy little Grace was soaking wet and shivering in an alley when she met Cole Hawthorne just six months ago. Now the rich, powerful businessman has taken her in as his sugarbaby sex pet. Being Cole’s secret mistress has turned her from trailer park trash to pampered princess, but when he wants to share her with an extremely difficult business associate, is that going too far? She feels that Cole owns her body and soul, so she’ll do absolutely anything for him.
18+, sex scenes.


Fertile Desert: Breeding with Strangers to Save Her Family (Dystopian Fantasy)

I will find him - a healthy stranger who will knock me up and save my family’s tiny empire. All I have to do is sleep with every man I find out here in the desert who still has the energy to take me. Searching for three months is wearing me out, but it has to be productive eventually, and my family will take me back as soon as I’m pregnant. In the meantime, I beg strange men to give me their seed, and hope I can survive out here alone.

Clarissa has been wandering for so long that she’s getting weak, but finds a few more men to ask for donations. When she finds a forest with fresh water, she finds another oasis - Craig, a handsome woodsman who might be exactly what she has been looking for... in more ways than she knew. This incredibly steamy story takes an inexplicable turn for the romantic.
18+, sex scenes.
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Friday, 17 August 2018

Lush - She’s young, drunk, slutty, and loving it! : (Young girl older men)

Sexy rock promoter Emily just turned 19, and ditched her boring corporate boyfriend. This weekend she’s headed to downtown Toronto to taste both freedom and booze as she drinks up and picks up a couple of her crushes... a bouncer, a bartender, and his roommate.
18+, hot rocker chick on the prowl.

Sneak Peek
Glancing over at Carter, his gorgeous face was a mask of pure lust as he stared at my wet little pussy being pummeled by Evan’s cock. I saw that he was hard as a rock again. “Carter, my mouth is empty.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, jumping up to stand in front of me. The head of his prick was still salty from his cum and my juices as I ran my tongue around the tip. He placed the head between my lips, and gently slid inside with a moan. Soon he was all the way inside my mouth and down my throat, since apparently liquor takes away my gag reflex completely.

Evan’s thrusts propelled me forward to take Carter’s dick deeper, then I pulled back to ease the pressure, increasing the depths of Evan’s cock deep inside me. Back and forth I rocked between the two of them as Carter’s hands stroked my hair and shoulders, and Evan’s fingers dug into my hip bone and my clit.

I could feel my inner tension climbing higher and higher, as my muffled moans and cries grew louder.

“Mmm, you filthy little skank,” Carter murmured, “I could fuck this gorgeous mouth forever.” He grabbed the back of my hair in a fist as he pumped into my mouth faster.


Hot Housewife Harem - Part 2 : Lesbian Bisexual Menage with MILFs and a Boy Toy!

Bored rich housewives all gather at Heather’s lavish house on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for their “ladies chat”. They lounge, drink wine, gossip, have sex with each other, and the occasional boy toy they bring by. This group has changed Danielle’s life, and these are now the only days that matter in her otherwise straightlaced world. She falls farther under Heather’s spell, doing anything and everything asked of her - like being used to teach Kim how to work a flogger, or being taken hard by Tina’s personal trainer.
18+ This book is intended for adults only.

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 5: (Voyeur, Voyeurism, Sex with strangers, Swingers, Swinging, MFF threesome, Public Sex)

Join the hot steamy fun at the local sex club!
Megan drags Natalie to Paradise because they both need some action. When she takes off with a hot guy, shy Natalie is left to wander around, watching the various sex scenes taking place. When she tries to relax in the hot tub, a couple joins her, and she finds herself in the middle of her own sex scene. When she meets handsome Drew on the dance floor, he asks her to help him fulfill a long time fantasy.
18+, swingers, sex with strangers, group sex, voyeurism, you know - the usual hot night in Paradise!
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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - BUNDLE (Parts 1, 2 & 3): Sexy people explore a secret Toronto swingers club (Hot tub sex, public sex, MFM MFF Milf, sex with strangers)

Get the first three books of this HOT series for just $4.99 - over 25% off, even better than getting the first book free! Join us in Paradise - a sex club where everything goes, and everyone comes!

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 1: Two young women explore a secret Toronto swingers club (Hot tub sex, public sex, MFM threesome)

When Lauren drags her friend Liz to check out a sex club, she didn't realize that both of them would be picking up and getting down. Blame it on the pool, or the tropical th eme, but both ladies discover they really needed a visit to Paradise.
18+ only - Hot sex, hot tub sex, public sex, and MFM threesome.

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 2: (Sex with strangers, Hotwife MILF's first lesbian encounter, MFF threesome)
Dylan comes to the Paradise sex club to socialize and check out the sexy clientele, but will he stop being so shy when the gorgeous girl he’s been watching chats him up in the pool?
Steve and Alice aren’t quite swingers, but they’re figuring it out as they go. Tonight is her chance to do absolutely anything she wants, with anyone she desires.
18+ - Hot sex, public sex, sex with strangers and MFF threesome (MILF / hotwife’s first lesbian encounter).

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 3: The Dirty Thirty - 3 Huge O's from 3 strangers for Val's big 3-0!

A hot young lady decides to go to a sex club for her special birthday with a mission to hit 3-0 in a fresh new way.
18+ - Sex with strangers, group sex, double penetration, voyeurism, you know - the usual Saturday night!

Billionaire BDSM Blackout: Cocktail party turns into a kinky MFMM menage when the lights go out! (Reverse Harem Young Girl Older Men)

Beth gets talked into attending the cocktail party of her friend’s piano student, who happens to be a tech billionaire. Due to power glitches across the city, she turns out to be the only girl there, while older rich hunks Mark, Dave, and Steve all lavish her with attention. When the lights go out, and she can’t see who’s who, will this timid girl allow herself to just go with the flow?
Click “Look Inside” for a peek! 18+, sensual BDSM, spanking, bondage, smoking hot sexy times.