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Oooooh - you clicked the link to this page! That means you're a curious person who enjoys reading. You've already proved my first two points - thanks for helping me out!

1) You like reading. 
Even if you don't purchase any of my books, you'll get a weekly-ish email to remind you to read, look for new books, and explore what's out there. 

2) You're curious.
Checking out new things and ideas keeps us interesting. You enjoy being interesting, right?

3) You like free things.
When you sign up, you get a link to a free story. It's a really cute one too. And hot. Hot and cute is a good combination, I think.

4) You like the process of writing.
Now and then I share things like what music I write to, how funny it is choosing the models in stock photos, etc. It's all part of the process, and I like to share the amusing bits.

5) You like making strangers happy.
I'll admit it, I'm a complete dork about some things. I sit in my office typing, editing, making covers, and thinking up sexy scenarios, but I really don't know how many people are checking out the new stuff day to day. When I get a notification that another person has joined the email list, I get a gigantic rush of joy (and dopamine). It fuels me to work harder and release quality books.

6) You like MORE free things.
I often change the price of a story to zero for a day or two - "Freebie Fridays"! If you're on the list, you'll be notified when something is free. Usually it's at least twice a month, so be sure to skim those emails for FREE BOOKS!

7) You like sex.
No matter what your sex life is like right now, there might be times where it needs a little spice. Saucy stories are a great way to find new ideas, remind you of things you haven't tried in a while, and generally keep things lively.

8) You like thinking sexy thoughts.
Having sensual daydreams throughout the day is fun. Reading naughty ebooks while commuting and fantasizing about the other people on the train is hysterical.

9) You like a little story in your erotica.
Some writers are all story, with one teeny sex scene. Some are basically, "Person A meets Person B and they hump for twenty pages". To each their own! I prefer a book where there is a little sexual tension, a point to it all before people get naked. You know I dig writing lots of steamy sex, but a little romance and setting make it hotter, in my humble opinion. Hopefully, you think the same.

10) You like making easy, safe decisions.
Hey, you sign up, you check out a few emails, get your free book, and unsubscribe later if you don't dig it. No worries! The unsubscribe button is at the bottom of every email, I use a very safe email system (MailChimp), and I would NEVER share or sell your info. 

Thanks for reading, now on to the all important clicky click: 


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