Friday, 27 October 2017

New Erotic Romance: His Naughty Secret

Lee is a 19 year old University student who loves BDSM, pain, and Dominant men. She accidentally meets Jesse at a private S&M dungeon, but quickly finds out he's much older, and due to his work, must keep his personal life extremely private. Will he take a chance on an impulsive little brat?

WARNING: Contains submission, bondage, spanking, young girl with an older man, and smoking hot first time sex. If the words, "Yes, Master" make you feel a bit tingly you should likely read this story.

Sneaky Peek
His fingers circled my knee, and meandered up my thigh to the outside of my hip. He removed his hand and I suddenly felt empty and cold without his touch. He slid up higher on the bed to pull me into a deep kiss. Last night his lips were soft and gentle. Now they were forceful, possessive. As his tongue explored my mouth, I melted into him, not even noticing that my legs wrapped around him. He instinctively rolled on top of me, his hardness pressing directly between my legs.

I pulled him closer with my thighs, not realizing I was actually straining against the ropes with my arms. The physical need to have him inside completely overcame me. I gasped against his lips as his hand roughly squeezed my breast and pinched my nipple hard. He pulled back and looked amused at my moaning.

"You really do enjoy the pain, don't you baby girl?"

"Yes, Master." It felt so natural to say that automatically. I could tell he loved to hear it, as his eyes got that little sparkle.

His large hand squeezed my breast harshly again, and I almost didn't notice for a second that two fingers of his other hand were gently parting my labia and slowly sliding into my pussy.

He bit my neck a little as he muttered, "You are so wet already."

I was astounded at how perfect he felt as he pushed a third finger in, filling me, gently opening my little tunnel.

My moaning had turned into a drone of low little squeals, as my entire body twitched.

He nibbled on my neck, my shoulder, probably leaving a trail of little bruises down to my breast, where he alternated sucking and biting my nipple. My skin was on fire, everything was too intense, and I loved it. Instead of shrieking, I simply smiled and arched into him, muttering, "Thank you, Master."

Jesse looked up at me with wild eyes. "Baby, I might need you to stop saying that for a little bit. I really don't know if I can take much more."

I batted my eyelashes, licked my lips and looked up at him innocently. "I am here to please you, Master." 

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

New Erotica: Cheating with a Demon

When Sarah moves to a new town with her sweet husband Tim, she had no idea the house would
contain a demon hell bent on seducing her - even in front of her husband!
WARNING: Contains demon sex, double penetration, and filthy language. What the heck, it's nearly Halloween!
Click "Look Inside" at that link for a Sneak Peek of the action!

Friday, 6 October 2017

New Erotica: Only on Halloween - A Lesbian BDSM tale

Kate has had a crush on Anna for years, but all they do is go out for drinks and dancing. When Anna wants to dress sexy for Halloween, Kate sees her chance. They go to a BDSM party, and Kate finally catches a glimpse of what Anna really wants - to be a naughty slave girl having sex in public. 

WARNING: BDSM, bondage, vibrators, dildos, public sex, lesbian sex, spanking, flogging... you know, great times!

She tilted her hand up to look at me with glazed eyes, then turned to speak directly into my ear over the music. “Tonight I am yours, Mistress. Anything. Anything you want.” I immediately felt my nipples begin to burn and my pussy began to leak. I have been wanting her to say something like that, but never imagined it sounding so desperate. 

I nibbled her ear before saying, “You are a naughty little horny girl, aren't you?” She looked at me very seriously with those big dark eyes, and nodded. “Does the naughty girl need a spanking?”

Her eyes smiled before it reached her lips. “Yes - yes please, Mistress.”