Saturday, 25 May 2019

Teaching Sierra: (BDSM Training School Book #1)

New scorching hot S&M series

The BDSM Academy is rarely spoken of beyond a whisper. Nobody even quite knows where it is. But if you beg the owners and Dominants of the most respected dungeons, they may pass your name along for consideration.
Sierra has always dreamed of being a man’s toy, completely submissive. But she’s so shy that she is afraid to approach them, or ask for what she wants. In order to become a sensual, sexually free being, she will need to give herself completely, and practice perfect obedience for her new Master.

These Books can be read as standalone BDSM Erotica, or enjoyed as a series.
18+, intense sex scenes.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Billionaire’s Sugar Baby Part 5: From Trailer Trash to Sex Pet : (Wealthy Sugar Daddy, Sugarbaby, FMF Threesome)


Sexy little Grace met powerful billionaire Cole Hawthorne almost a year ago, when he took her in as his sugarbaby sex pet. Being Cole’s secret mistress has been wonderful, but she needs to keep him interested, and aroused in new ways. After he fulfills a fantasy of public sex by taking her to the highest window in the city to enjoy her, she asks if he’s ever wished for a threesome with two women. Although he’s afraid of Grace not feeling like she is enough for him, some dreams simply must come true.
18+, intense sex scenes.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Billionaire’s Sugar Baby Part 4: From Trailer Trash to Sex Pet : (Wealthy Sugar Daddy, Sugarbaby)

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Sexy little Grace met powerful billionaire Cole Hawthorne just eight months ago, when he took her in as his sugarbaby sex pet. Being Cole’s secret mistress has been wonderful, but she feels that she needs to keep him interested, and aroused in new ways. Realizing that there’s only one way he hasn’t yet taken her, she offers herself, hoping that thrill him. She feels that Cole owns her body and soul, so she’ll do absolutely anything to please him.
18+, intense sex scenes.

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Please Spank Me, Master : (Sexy BDSM Romance Novella)

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Amy’s biggest crush comes into her coffee shop without seeming to notice her, but when she peeks at Eric’s laptop, she discovers that he’s into BDSM. She tiptoes into the local scene and finds out it’s a way to transform her shyness, and unleash her sensual desires. When Eric sees this new side of Amy and wants to be her Master, will she let go and beg for what she really wants? Or will she feel like she’s going too far, too fast?

18+ This extremely steamy romance features spanking, flogging, bondage, intensely sensual scenes.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Accidental Master: (BDSM erotica, first time domination)

Daniel returns from a trip to Transylvania, where a strange woman sold him a necklace that would supposedly make him popular with the ladies. On the flight home, he discovers that it’s working already – women are absolutely throwing themselves at him, and he’s also changing into a tall, dominant hunk. When he walks into a BDSM club where he used to be ignored, submissive girls are flocking to him, hoping that he’ll become their new Master. When his hot new pet worries that she won’t be enough for him, she calls in reinforcements, to ensure that their new Master is properly pleased.

18+ spanking, flogging, extremely hot sex scenes, FMFF.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Blazing Hot BDSM 5 Pack - Vol. 1 : (Scorching bundle of erotic stories! Bondage, Domination, Submission, S&M, Lesbians)

5 sexy, strange, steamy erotic stories for just $7.77

(Less than the price of 3!)
Sharing My Lesbian Wife
Mia knows that her young wife Ashley loves being adored wherever she goes. Their dominant and submissive relationship is growing stronger, and Mia surprises Ashley by taking her to a private dungeon and handing her leash to others to use her any way they like. Ashley wants to please her Mistress, and being on display and used as a sexual playing thrills her beyond belief, especially since she hasn’t been with men in years.

Master Professor
Gemma has a crush on her new art history professor, which gets worse when she discovers he’s a dominant Master giving a demonstration at her local S&M club. Will this shy girl unmask both her professor and her feelings? (Of course she will.)

Billionaire BDSM Blackout
Beth gets talked into attending the cocktail party of her friend’s piano student, who happens to be a tech billionaire. Due to power glitches across the city, she turns out to be the only girl there, while older rich hunks Mark, Dave, and Steve all lavish her with attention. When the lights go out, and she can’t see who’s who, will this timid girl allow herself to just go with the flow?

Light Speed Lesbian Mistress
Gorgeous and mysterious Mistress Diosa purchases Quinn to work as her mechanic, crew, and beautiful little sex slave. Quinn adores serving her hot captain, but things are strange out in the dark universe. Sacrifices must be made for the good of the ship.

The Crew’s Bonus
Grace on board the Artemis Seven to relieve the entire crew of their sexual frustrations, and their aggression. Anyone with flight deck ranking can drop by her bunk for a special “ship bonus”, which rewards them for their increasingly dangerous missions. Captain Caroline Holley doesn’t just oversee the ship, she is Grace’s Mistress, and rewards or punishes her sweet little pet as she sees fit.

Kindle &Paperback - Dark & Steamy BDSM Bundle : (Sexy scorching erotic stories of Bondage, Domination, Submission, S&M, Lesbians)

5 strange, dark and steamy S&M erotica stories for just $5.99!

Only on Halloween: a Lesbian BDSM tale
Kate has had a crush on Anna, but all they do is go out for drinks and dancing. When Anna wants to dress sexy for Halloween, Kate sees her chance. They go to a BDSM party, and Kate finally catches a glimpse of what Anna really wants - to be a naughty slave girl having sex in public.

Princess Slut - It’s not pearls she wants to be dripping with
Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra doesn’t want to be paraded around the ballroom. She is a lusty little skank who wants to be on her knees serving a man, and Duke Matthias can tell precisely what she needs.

Sorceress Sybella Live
Michelle tries to spice up her boring life by going to experimental theatre events, and is given a ticket to Sorceress Sybella Live - featuring graphic sex, witchcraft, and spirit conjuring. She doesn’t know what sort of show this is, but desperately wishes that she were the one being ravished onstage.

First Time at the Dungeon
When a shy young woman is taken to a real S&M dungeon by her new Master, she never imagined how much she would love the flogging, the spanking, and the thrill of being a little slave girl. But wait, were people actually having sex in public? She didn’t care, she was lost in the moment and just wanted more…

Dominatrix Daily
Journal entries from Mistress Mari - a Dominatrix who runs a busy downtown BDSM dungeon. Spanking, flogging, domination, bondage, and hot sex are a daily occurrence around here. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent – a gentleman being tied up and beaten, and another whose fantasy is to watch two lesbians together.

18+, scorching steamy scenes!

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