Sunday, 9 August 2020

A bit of News from Lexie's World.

 There's going to be some shifting going on.

No, I'm not writing about shifters. Those are fun, but not my thing.

You may have noticed that no matter how sexy my books get, they're usually pretty romantic. I just can't help it - it's the way I am.

So I'm going to lean into it. You'll be seeing more real romance books popping up soon! Don't worry, there will still be plenty of steam - I'm not toning down the heat one bit. The stories will just be a little longer, with a more obvious delightfully sweet ending.

Stay tuned for much more - BDSM, sugar babies, harems, and other things that rattle around my naughty little mind.

There will also be a bit of online housekeeping, like deleting some older books that don't fit, creating a new website and mailing list, and other shifts. Don't be alarmed - it's all in the interest of more sales, which will give me more time to write like crazy for you.

I hope that you're keeping safe and staying healthy, and getting just a pinch of summer sun.Thanks for supporting an indie author!

~ Lexie

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Friday, 17 July 2020

Freebie coming for Mailing List subscribers (I am blaming the heat!)

A dark, twisted little idea popped into my head, and it's not really romantic, or quirky... it's just dirty as hell. I'm blaming the summer heat!

It will be a FREE short story, for those on the email list.

Mailing list subscribers get links to two older books immediately, plus links when I run other books for free at least twice a month. Don't miss out, subscribe today!