Saturday, 14 March 2020

Teasing my Submissive Wife: (BDSM Hotwife Erotic Short)

If you truly love your wife, share her with others...

Trevor adores his sexy wife Lori, who is his sweet little submissive pet. She always said that she would do anything at all for him, so during a moment of passion, he asks again if he should share her. When she agrees, Trevor arranges for two dominant men from their local dungeon to drop in and help discipline his sexy wife. Lori adores the attention, and gets even more than she expected.

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Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 10: (First Time Public Sex, Threesome, FMF)

What’s the best gift to give your husband for your 10th anniversary? Public sex & a threesome!

Andrea didn’t want the heat in her wonderful marriage to cool off, so she took Shawn to Paradise, their local sex club. He once showed interest in a naughty movie with two girls and one guy... why not try the real thing, and let him be the star? Shawn is delighted with her sexy ideas, and even though Andrea is more than enough to ignite his desire, adding their new friend Kim into the mix creates an explosion of lust.

Sex club, public sex, erotic scenes. FMF

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Showing Shawna: (BDSM Training School Book #16)

Shawna tries to challenge herself by learning from a new Master.

Sexy Shawna wants to learn everything about the BDSM world, but she doesn’t have nearly as much experience as she lets on. When Master Dawson takes her as his submissive for the month, he tests her limits and boundaries, showing her what she can and cannot handle so far. Their chemistry is immediate, and will help her trust her new Master while he cares for her in every possible way.

Vivid sex scenes, bondage, spanking, BDSM content.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

The Dolly Slutsky Mysteries - Parts 1-5: (Erotic Comedy Mystery)

5 scorching, seductive stories for less than the price of 3?
Why, that’s just naughty!

#1 - The Case of the Strip Club Thief
Meet Dolly Slutsky. She’s a vixen, a sleuth, and has more gumption than you’d expect from a bombshell.
Dolly is so excited to find office space for her new Private Investigation business that she barters for the rent in an extremely enjoyable way – much to the surprise of her burly landlord. Her very first client is concerned that money is going missing from their strip club, so Dolly heads straight to the scene of the crime, and straight under one of the potential suspects. Is the office couch rocking, or is Dolly just doing her job?

#2 - The Mysterious Tequila Affair
Dolly Slutsky - a bombshell, a detective, and lady who gets right down to everyone’s business.
Dolly finds a cute hipster to help her with her website, and ends up christening the new bed in his micro-condo.
Then she meets a new client who is worried his wife might be having an affair, as she comes home smelling slightly of tequila with a special sort of glow. When Dolly trails her, she discovers Tiffany’s version of “ladies night” is far more down and dirty than she expected. When Peter finds out, things get even more heated when he wants to catch her in the act. Things get steamy when they discover Tiffany’s real secret. Should Dolly charge double for a threesome?

#3 - The Little Minks Minx
A curvy babe, a female sleuth, and free spirit who loves to put herself out there.
Dolly meets up with her new graphic designer, insisting that he really get to know her intimately before he lays out her business cards. Then she meets Kevin – a new client who has fur coats disappearing from his huge storage warehouse. Dolly will need to get up close and personal with the staff to get to the very bottom of this mystery. She always does her best work with her high heels in the air!

#4 - Titillating Tiki Tuesdays

Dolly Slutsky - the highlight of ladies’ night, solving every mystery she tiptoes into.
Dolly meets with her new lawyer and is pulled into a meeting room where she must be completely silent. (Not even a giggle, which you know is difficult for her.) This gets her motor running like never before. After finishing her business for the day, she takes a trip to her local tiki bar The Shore Leave, and stumbles upon a mystery involving a lack of ladies at ladies’ night, strange men, coconut drinks, and eventually a naughty encounter with a policeman. Being on the right side of the law isn’t nearly as hot as being under it.

#5 - The Case of the Missing Orgasm
This hot dame can hit all the high notes of this musical mystery.
In a quest for new clients, Dolly records a radio spot, “bartering” with the cute sound engineer Corey. There is a new case to be solved when a band he recorded long ago need their old tapes, but they’ve disappeared. 90s punk band Gimme an Orgasm can’t finish their “Best Of” album without the recordings, and Dolly needs to “finish” as often as possible as she solves this rockin’ new mystery before the band’s big come-back*. A naughty little visit to her new lawyer completes the case, as she gives in to his strange, silent fetish.

Down & Dirty Short Erotica Stories.
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* Yes, you know precisely how tempting it was to spell “come-back” differently, but I’m attempting to be a lady here.

Watching my Submissive Wife: (BDSM Hotwife Erotic Short)

If you truly love your wife, share her with others...

Tyler adores his sexy wife Mila, who is his devoted submissive pet. They’ve chatted about how exciting it would be to have other men use her as a toy, but there is a big jump between discussing and doing. Mila dearly loves being objectified, so Tyler gives her what she needs, blindfolding her at a BDSM party and having three men play with her. He thinks that she’s satisfied for the night, but when they’re stopped due to road construction, she can’t control her libido or exhibitionist ways.

This 7,600 word short story features explicit smoking hot sexy times, spanking, light bondage.

Ravishing Angel: (BDSM Training School Book #15)

Master is transforming his strictly trained submissive into a playful kitten-pet, and girlfriend.

Sensual little Angel cannot function without a dominant. Master Scott has taken her in and has been persuading her to loosen up. Now he has to remind himself that she truly needs bondage, and gentle punishments, to keep her grounded. Yet he always cares for her, and she finally believes that he wants to keep her forever.

Vivid sex scenes, bondage, BDSM content.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

NOVEL: Outlaw Warrior Soldiers: (Hot Sci-Fi Alien Romance)

Meet four hot alien soldiers who will do anything to claim the hearts of their sweet, sexy females.

These Dratikonian soldiers must find a way to survive after their planet was overtaken. Their only hope of survival is flee to an unknown planet, even though it is illegal to contact Earth. Human females are so delicate, so desirable, they must take a chance.

The desperate warriors search for women who are open to their strange advances, but they never expected to completely fall for them. Kelly the auburn haired sweetheart, Jenna the shy, curvy librarian, and forthright Amber never expected the men of their dreams to suddenly appear with a lot of strange glitches. These huge, gorgeous alien men are... a bit of a handful.


“I’m so sorry,” I began to say, but Amber twisted into my arms, wrapping her delicate hands around my neck as she kissed me.

I have been punched by a drunk Therwallian, and nearly trampled by a wild vendlo beast. But never has the air been knocked from my chest as efficiently as the moment her lips met mine.


Scorching hot romantic science fiction for those who enjoy hulking men treating regular women like sweet, sexy treasures. No cliffhanger, HEA.