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June 29, 2020
So... It's been a heck of a year, right? *eye roll* Good grief.

Strangely, since I work at home writing most of the time, my life hasn't changed that much with the current "weirdness". But the entire planet is stressed out, and it's hard not to pick up some of the vibe.

I've been writing sexy, seductive stories that will hopefully be a mental vacation for anyone who needs one. Sexy BDSM & Sugarbaby erotica, strange sci-fi tentacle erotica, and sweet & steamy short romance.

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I hope that you're all staying safe and healthy, and getting a little sun. Vitamin D is extremely important for boosting the immune system, which can't hurt, right?


November 9, 2019
Well, my entire publishing schedule is shot to hell. I've been sick all week, barely able to focus, and not sleeping due to the coughing. I'm extremely irritated that my lovely plans are wrecked, but these things happen, right? I'm an indie author just trying to get by, so I certainly can't hire help.

Maybe I need a street team. Other people to help with marketing. Turn something viral. haha!

Things should settle down next week, the comedy book really is coming soon, and new installments of most series are coming soon too!


October 30, 2019
Look out. Batten down the hatches. I've finally gotten scrivener, which apparently will be helping me to plot novels faster, and keep my thoughts in a row. I'm test driving it for #nanowrimo.

Stay tuned for a ton of sexy, fresh new content. Things have been in the works for a while, and spicy books will be plentiful this winter!


August 5, 2019
It's that time of year again, when I need to plot a whole bunch of work so when I get up to the forest I can spend many hours under the trees writing like a demon. I got a ton of work done there last August, and again this May, so I'm excited for next week's retreat.

See, my friend owns a 9-acre chunk of forest up north. While he is making trails, hauling stones, and lumberjacking all day, I'm drinking coffee and writing like mad. Then we have a big dinner and go to the lookout to watch the moon come up over the lake. Last year a fox snuck up right behind us, standing there with a dopey expression on his little pointy face as if he expected us to hand him some chips. Um, no, buddy.

There are also woodpeckers, spruce grouse (they make the weirdest thumping noise!) but no mosquitoes whatsoever. (I'm trying the power of positive thinking this year.)

So please think of me while you're enjoying your air conditioning and toilets that flush, knowing that your hard working indie romance and smut writer is devoted to bringing you the most sensual books she possibly can! (In the land of no mosquitoes. Say it with me... NO MOSQUITOES.)


June 18, 2019
It's Pride month! I suppose I should write something bisexually festive this month... I'll try to get to that next week. There are also more paperbacks coming soon, but damn - they are a time suck to create and I need to be headache free to focus on them, which ruled out all of last week. Ouch.

Onward... to the final two installments of The Tattoo Artist, the final episode of My Neighbor's Dungeon, and book #3 of the BDSM Academy!

I know that I'm behind on the next romance novel, but I was in a forest for a week, then I was sick from that for two weeks. Stupid fresh air and windchill. See? I belong in the city, with electricity and slightly fewer loud birds. haha!


May 10, 2019
Busy week! I'm finishing my second full length romance novel, writing part 5 to wrap up an erotica series, and plotting several shorts to prepare for my writing binge next week. I'll be in a forest for the long weekend, and it's going to be a blast of writing power from the trees!

March 19, 2019 
Oops. Somebody has been forgetting to blog!

I've been working on a second full length romance novel, a novella, and several super hot BDSM erotic romance stories. Sign up for my email list for updates, and freebies at least once or twice a month! Most of my work is free through Kindle Unlimited, but if you're not on that program, heck - be sure to grab a free book here and there!

I'm glad it's finally safe to start walking and writing. I need some fresh air. My brain has those weird winter cobwebs and things are getting glitchy.

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October 8, 2018 
One of the things about writing is finding the right amount of focus where you are clear minded, yet the rest of the world is blocked out. Sometimes it takes a little white noise to get into the zone.

While clicking around through ambient mixes on YouTube this afternoon, I found the most hilarious and genius white noise track ever - the sound of the sleeping quarters from Star Trek. Ten hours of that deep hum from the Enterprise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpvznAiKblU&t


Sept 14, 2018
It's fascinating how easy it is to focus on writing some days, and how utterly impossible it is on others. With the hurricane swirling, I think it's air pressure trying to squish my brain with this headache today.

No worries - when I can't write, I sift through endless stock photos until I find sexy people for covers! I've just cranked out four covers, and now it's time for painkillers and a nap.

I hope that you're all up to something sexy this weekend, and stocking up on your fall reading! If you're not already on my email list, please test it out for a month! You'll get a free story immediately, and be updated when I run FREE stories on Fridays now and then. You can't lose!



What is it about drinking wine on a patio that feels so oddly decadent? I was thinking this last night while brainstorming some upcoming steamy books.

There are some longer works brewing, my friends, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here's a tip - drink a glass of water for every glass of wine. Nobody has time for hangovers, especially in the summer heat!


  1. Hi Lexie! I just wanted to take a short break from reading and tell you how much I'm loving "My Neighbour's Dungeon" I'm on part 3 already and I've only just found you this morning! I've not been able to stop! I have plans for downloading a few more of your other series that mesh with my kinks and interests and I'm very much looking forward to reading them too! I will leave feedback on Amazon as soon as I'm done. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent! I appreciate it and you very much!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm working on the final episode of My Neighbor's Dungeon right now, and it should be published mid-September.
      This post just made my day. THANK YOU!!!
      Please get on the email list for a free book or two per month!