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October 8, 2018 
One of the things about writing is finding the right amount of focus where you are clear minded, yet the rest of the world is blocked out. Sometimes it takes a little white noise to get into the zone.

While clicking around through ambient mixes on YouTube this afternoon, I found the most hilarious and genius white noise track ever - the sound of the sleeping quarters from Star Trek. Ten hours of that deep hum from the Enterprise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpvznAiKblU&t


Sept 14, 2018
It's fascinating how easy it is to focus on writing some days, and how utterly impossible it is on others. With the hurricane swirling, I think it's air pressure trying to squish my brain with this headache today.

No worries - when I can't write, I sift through endless stock photos until I find sexy people for covers! I've just cranked out four covers, and now it's time for painkillers and a nap.

I hope that you're all up to something sexy this weekend, and stocking up on your fall reading! If you're not already on my email list, please test it out for a month! You'll get a free story immediately, and be updated when I run FREE stories on Fridays now and then. You can't lose!



What is it about drinking wine on a patio that feels so oddly decadent? I was thinking this last night while brainstorming some upcoming steamy books.

There are some longer works brewing, my friends, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here's a tip - drink a glass of water for every glass of wine. Nobody has time for hangovers, especially in the summer heat!

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