Monday, 30 July 2018


Okay lovelies, I started a pen name for my sci-fi perversions. Shhh.

If you're interested in alien abduction tentacle porn that is actually smoking hot, and sometimes hilarious, please click here for a great intro deal - three stories for the price of two! Click "Look Inside" for a peek...

Sharing My Lesbian Wife: Surprising my Hotwife at the BDSM dungeon

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Mia knows that her young wife Ashley loves being adored wherever she goes. Their dominant and submissive relationship is growing stronger, and Mia surprises Ashley by taking her to a private dungeon and handing her leash to others to use her any way they like. Ashley wants to please her Mistress, her wife, her sugar mama, so she tries to be open minded no matter what these strangers want to do with her. Being on display and used as a sexual playing thrills her beyond belief, especially since she hasn’t been with men in years, and the fact that there is an audience drives her crazy with lust.

18+, obviously. Bondage, spanking, and smoking hot sex with men and women.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Lexie's Romantic Sexy Stories Volume 1: Sweet Steamy Tales with Smoking Hot Sex! (Too Big to Fit, Mind Control Cuckold / Hotwife, Sex, Blood and Rock & Roll)

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Erotica is wonderful, but sometimes you crave a little story and romance to get you in the mood. Check out these three hot tales of unique relationships, and the fireworks that follow. These are "long shorts", so pour yourself some iced tea and turn the phone off... enjoy these slowly.

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Colossal - How big is too big?: (a GIGANTIC sweet romance)
Ashley has had bad luck in the dating world, as she is only aroused by men who are extremely well endowed. Zach is a shy guy who is afraid to scare or hurt women with his massive appendage. With the help of a sassy drag queen and some random luck, this sweet couple might have a chance together, if they could stop being so timid and get things out in the open.
Will they ever get together and consummate their attraction? And is it even physically possible?
Come on, this is a romance story. There will be hot sex and a happy ending at some point. 18+, obviously.

My Sexy Wife, Part 1: (Romantic Steamy Dominant Mind Control by Magic, Hotwife)
What’s more romantic than magic and marriage? Jim was in the process of trying to make life easier for his sexy but stressed bride-to-be Katya, when his father passed along a family heirloom. These magical rings bond the wearers until they want nothing more than to please each other, and Jim quickly discovers he loves it when Katya is pleasing other men as well. Why shouldn’t their lives be helped along using Katya’s best talents?
18+ This 13,500-word novelette features true love, explicit sexual content, and magical mind control.

Vampire Girl in Brooklyn: Sex, Blood, and Rock & Roll
After 100 years, Emma is feeling a bit lost and restless in Brooklyn. Humans are great for food and sex, but she misses that deeper connection. Suddenly she meets Ryan, a singer excited for his band's first show - until he meets her, and is excited about something else. Will he be dinner, or something more?
18+ Smoking hot sex scenes, and a little polite blood drinking. Click "Look Inside" for a Sneak Peek!

My Bimbo Wife is a Cam Girl (Smashwords Release)

(Cuckold Hotwife Exhibitionist Sex Slave)

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I’ve turned my wife into a hot online cam girl, who also satisfies the men I select for her - and charge an exorbitant fee. We’re getting rich from her talents, and she’s getting hornier every day!

Want to hear about Beth getting double teamed by strangers? Take her punishment from the principal? Scream for Daddy while using her special toys? She just loves it when people are watching her, and can’t stop being filthy.

My Bimbo Wife is a Cam Girl is a 5,200 word story featuring bimbofication, web cam shows, cheating, sex, oral sex, double pentration, spanking, MFM menage, and much more! 18+, obviously.

Click for a sample, and check out Lexie Renard stories across all sites if you like filthy tales of mind control, BDSM, sex clubs, hypnosis and much more!

Hot Blizzard : Hot Young Girl Trapped with Daddy’s Sexy Best Friend

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With her parents away at a party, Taylor was settling in for a blissful night home from university, all alone with her vibrator. But the violent storm outside prompts her parents to send the sexy next door neighbor over to take care of her. She’s had a crush on her Dad’s best friend Joe for years, and doesn’t mind hunkering down in his basement. Will she be brazen enough to make the first move? Will snuggling a hot 19 year old vixen by candlelight wear Joe down until he gives in to the feelings they’ve both had for the past year?
WARNING: 18+ The weather outside is frightful, and kissing keeps you warm!

Basement Sex Doll - Part 5: (Mind Controlled, Hypnotized Girls in a Secret Dungeon Sex Club)

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This series is getting hotter with every release!

When Evan recognizes his old high school crush on the FH Mansion website, he can’t believe his luck. He has always fantasized about controlling a pretty girl and having her serve him sexually, but getting revenge years later on a dumb blonde prom queen who could barely say the words “black people” will be an extra thrill. How much will he punish her?
Although their memories were supposed to have been wiped, Carrie somehow remembers her entire time at the Mansion. Should she tell Josh? Will he think less of her? Or will he be aroused and want to hear outrageous stories of her time there?
WARNING: 18+. Hot sex, mind control, hypnosis, live sex dolls.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Electric Sex Toy - Cam Girl Captured by Internet Perverts, Online Video Sex, Paranormal

Sexy cam girl Angelica loses control of her live cam show when her computer is somehow altered by a lightning storm in the middle of a stream, and all of the objects in her room are suddenly controlled by her viewers. She’s trapped, and at the mercy of internet perverts!
Geeky Ryan has had a crush on her which borders on obsession. Now that he can sort of virtually touch her, he doesn’t want to scare her, just wants to make her feel how much he adores her.
WARNING: 18+ only! Live streaming sex show.

Basement Sex Doll - BUNDLE - Parts 1, 2 & 3: (Mind Controlled, Hypnotized Girls in a Secret Dungeon Sex Club)

Hot hypnotized girls are waiting to fulfill every desire of wealthy, lusty men!
This book contains Parts One, Two, and Three, at 30% off

Basement Sex Doll series page:

Welcome to FH Mansion - a secret place where all of your sexual fantasies can be brought to life. Our stunning array of living sex dolls can be trained and programmed to fulfill absolutely any scenario you can possibly imagine.
With 70 different playrooms, and five to seven ladies available at any time for you to choose from, your gorgeous dolls are waiting for you.
Please don't be shy - no matter how kinky or depraved you think your fantasy might be, we've seen it all before, and we are experts in providing that precise service for you.
Trish donates her body to a secret sex club to earn money for university, and is thrilled at the thought of being used as a sex toy, even though she won't remember. Richard is a businessman who wants to get in touch with his primal, sexual side.

Carrie is signing her body away to be a hypnotized sex doll for ten months, even though she’s shy and doesn’t think she’s very good in the bedroom. She's hoping that the programming will bring out her wild, primal self - even if she doesn’t remember. But maybe she will?
In the centre of downtown Toronto, there are sex dolls in a basement, waiting in stasis for you...

When Annie signs up to be a live sex doll at FH Mansion, she didn’t realize that her acting talents would be used to their fullest extent, even though she is hypnotised. Fulfilling a client’s long time fantasy, she becomes an 1880’s saloon girl, slinging whisky and having it on with a gunslinger.
Meanwhile, Josh is infatuated with his doll Five, hoping that she slips out of her programming again so that he can speak with Carrie. Her time at the mansion is almost up, and he cannot bear the thought of never seeing her again.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hot Housewife Harem

Lesbian Bisexual Menage with MILFs and a Boy Toy!

Bored rich housewives all gather at Heather’s on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for their “book club”, “sewing circle” or whatever lie they tell their inattentive husbands. They lounge, drink wine, gossip, have sex with each other, and the occasional boy toy they bring by. Whoever is having the worst week gets put in “the hot seat”.

Danielle isn’t sure what that even means, but she seems to instinctively obey whatever Heather and Tina say, even though she’s never been with a woman before.

Is it wrong that they cheat on their husbands? Not really - they all have mistresses on the side, so it evens out. Is it wrong that they’re loafing while their maids do the housework and cooking? Hey - smoking hot sex is far more fun than scrubbing the tile. Leave that to the professionals. This is what being a decadent rich sexy housewife is all about!

Warning: 19+, hot group sex, F/F/F/F foursome, F/M/F/F foursome, and wine on a Tuesday afternoon.



Sneak Peek

My breath was just returning to normal, and I tossed back the last of the wine. Heather took the glass away as I asked, “What red one?” I was a bit surprised that I could even speak intelligible words at this point.

Janie held up a large red latex dildo. “Just lie back, you’re going to love it.” She grabbed a small bottle of lube from the drawer, and coated the rather large phallus.

“I don’t think…” I started, but Tina’s mouth on mine silenced me. Holy shit, this girl was the most amazing kisser I have ever experienced. A lightning bolt of lust shot through me as I found myself wrapping my arms around her and pulling her to me.

“No, you don’t,” Kim said, “We need you wide open.”

Tina set my arms back on the armrests and snuggled in close. I found myself staring at four beautiful sets of breasts, and was surprised at how much I wanted to be caressing them all as well.

Janie settled between my legs, and twirled the head of the huge dildo around my needy, wet opening, teasing me. My hips begin to squirm, as if my body needed it inside me, and didn’t want to wait for my brain to catch up.

Kim and Heather each had one hand on my breasts and another between my legs, gently stroking my outer labia and sweeping over my clit. Their rhythms were very different, and the anticipation of their delicate touches was incredible.

Tina settled in and kissed me, my lips opening for her so she could explore my entire mouth. I think I could come just from her kisses, I thought to myself, when suddenly the dildo slid inside me.