Wednesday, 28 March 2018

NEW Erotica: Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - Part 2: (Sex with strangers, Hotwife MILF’s first lesbian encounter, MFF threesome)

WARNING: Hot sex, public sex, sex with strangers and MFF threesome (MILF / hotwife’s first lesbian encounter). Click "Look Inside" for a Sneaky Peek!

Dylan comes to the Paradise sex club to socialize and check out the sexy clientele, but will he stop being so shy when the gorgeous girl he’s been watching chats him up in the pool?

Steve and Alice aren’t quite swingers, but they’re figuring it out as they go. Tonight is her chance to do absolutely anything she wants, with anyone she desires.
With uncharacteristic force, I threw her onto her back, spreading her legs apart and diving into her pretty pinkness. My tongue cruised around her wet little muff, searching and tasting her delicate folds. I lapped at her inner lips, circling her entrance as she squirmed under me.

Knowing that anyone could walk by the door and watch us was a strange erotic thrill. I wasn't sure how I felt about that sort of exhibitionism, but I was too fucking horny to care right now.
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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Reviews & Rambles

Are there many Toronto Erotica Writers? Toronto Romance Authors? I've looked around, but not many people write Toronto based books. New York, Chicago, LA... those are the "sexy" cities. I disagree. I love my messed up gorgeous, sexy city - Toronto is my heart. 

If you dig this concept, feel free to tell your friends!

And please search “Lexie Renard” on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords etc. if you’re interested in new Toronto based romantic, erotic stories and books.


Here are some story reviews. I know that many people don't review erotica, for fear that someone would see their name and discover they read naughty things. I get it. But if you're not a politician or have a name that doesn't really identify you, I'd HUGELY appreciate reviews of anything you liked!


His Naughty Secret - She’s too young, and he is being watched.

5.0 out of 5 stars   HOTTT
November 3, 2017

Lexie knows how to get to the core of what turns readers on and explores both
the sensation and psychology of the bdsm kink in a way that takes enough time
to tease and tantalize but doesn't leave us wanting too long. Perfect length for
an evening read and I will definitely be checking out other titles.


5.0 out of 5 stars   Super hot!
Verified Purchase
Decided to read this one on a flight. My only regret was not adding another
Lexie Renard story to my Kindle! Sexy and satisfying!
Guzzle:  She needs his "magic elixir" to live - she can't get enough, and can't stop!
4.0 out of 5 stars   Good story
Verified Purchase
What happens when you get exactly what you ask for? You get a funny and very erotic story. I like that the hypnotist is a nice guy and not a villain.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope that you'll pick up some new stories to keep you entertained whenever you need a break!
~ Lexie xox
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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

NEW WEEKLY SERIES: Rush Hour Quickies

Rush Hour Quickie - Toronto Commuter Romance

These standalone short stories feature hot sexytimes with random commuters. You know, the usual weekday in downtown Toronto. 

Toronto has the longest average commute in Canada, 37 - 42% take transit. What percentage have a quickie on the way to or from their workplace? Shhh. That’s a secret. But these are their stories.

Available on Amazon / Kindle, Kobo / Nook, Smashwords, iBooks, etc.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

BLOG: Thoughts from an erotic romance writer.

Romance? Erotic Romance? Sometimes. I write mainly erotica. But I have also wanted to write romance, so I've started that - it should be out in a month. However, my erotica has always had a romantic element. Boy meets Girl and they have sex - that is not much of a story. Doesn't there have to be a point to it? There does to me. Even if it is short and sweet, or short and rough, I think there needs to be a reason why they got together. Something interesting must have happened along the way.

My story “Colossal” is about a woman with a fetish for men with gigantic “equipment”,  who meets a boy who has equipment so enormous that he is afraid to hurt women. They are both shy, and scared about who they really are. Thanks to a sassy drag queen, they eventually get together and fall in love.

When I started that story, I thought it would be a 5,000 word quickie with a bunch of hot sex. It turned out to be one of the most romantic stories I've ever written, and over twice the length. (Yes,  even the word count was huge!) And then there was a bunch of hot sex - hotter than I had intended.

It wasn't my fault. The story took on a life of its own, and it could not be helped. I am just over-caffeinated, underslept, and trying to herd the words onto the page. Sometimes a stray goat takes off, what can we do?

If I ever get business cards printed, perhaps I will call myself “word wrangler” instead of writer.  Some days that is a lot more honest.

Please search “Lexie Renard Colossal” on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords etc. if you’re interested.

I’ve started a brand new series “Rush Hour Quickies”. Toronto can be a bit stuffy, and I think we are seen as uptight. We also have the longest commutes in Canada, and I have always loved that song by The Spoons, “Romantic Traffic”. This weekly-ish series of super hot short stories will give you something sexy to read on the subway, streetcar, or GO train.

If you like them, please tell your friends. Support your local purveyor of porn, sorry, “romance” by spreading the word far and wide! Thanks for being one of the cool people who still read.

~ Lexie

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

NEW Romance: Vampire Girl in Brooklyn (Sex, Blood, and Rock & Roll)

After 100 years, Emma is feeling a bit lost and restless in Brooklyn. Humans are great for food and sex, but she misses that deeper connection. Suddenly she meets Ryan, a singer excited for his band’s first show - until he meets her, and is excited for something else. Will he be dinner, or something more?

Warning: 18+ Smoking hot sex scenes, and a little polite blood drinking. Click “Look Inside” for a Sneaky Peek!

On Kindle now, will be on Smashwords within 48 hours

Friday, 9 March 2018

NEW: Light Speed Lesbian Mistress - Sci Fi BI Space Romance

Gorgeous and mysterious Mistress Diosa purchases Quinn to work as her mechanic, crew, and beautiful little sex slave. Quinn adores serving her hot captain, but things are strange out in the dark universe. Sacrifices must be made for the good of the ship.

WARNING: Contains explicit sex scenes. Click “Look Inside” for a Sneaky Peek!

NOTE: After this story, please enjoy 3-5 preview pages of "Only on Halloween - a Lesbian BDSM tale"

Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited until June 7, 2018

NEW: My Neighbor’s Dungeon - 50 Shades of Roses

(BDSM Submission Romance)

What does a girl have to do to get the next door neighbor to spank her?
Pretty little Lindsay has lived next to gorgeous older hunk Nick for years, but she just accidentally discovered that he is an S&M Master - will he let her into his world? Will he want to play with the hot gardening girl next door who is enthralled with BDSM protocol?

WARNING: Spanking, flogging, rope bondage, domination, submission, super hot sex - all of the good stuff! 


He sat on the edge of the couch, and roughly threw me over his knee. This time the spanking wasn't punishment, it was pent up frustration. He smacked his large palm against the underside of my ass, bringing a fiery pain that just added to my arousal.

I couldn't quite hear him over the sound of the sharp blows ringing through the room, but he was muttering, “Temptress, too young, nice little girl next door, goddamn vixen…”

“Thank you, Master,” I said, straining to speak without squealing. “I'm sorry I'm a bad girl.”
I ground my hips against his lap, his erection pulsing beneath me.

He suddenly stood me up, then flung me onto my back across the wide couch. “You are too pretty to be this damn bad,” he said, and the naked lust in his voice excited me beyond belief.

“I probably require more punishment, Master,” I whispered breathily. 


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Thursday, 1 March 2018

New BDSM Romance

Master Professor
He’s an S&M dominant, but she’s his university student. Would they dare?
-- S&M Romance --

Gemma has a crush on her new art history professor, which gets worse when she discovers he's a dominant Master giving a demonstration at her local S&M club. Will this shy girl unmask both her professor and her feelings? (Of course she will.)
WARNING: BDSM activity, sexual content. You know, fun times!


When he began to lightly spank me, I felt myself arching my back and sticking out my ass for his convenience. I wished that I could see his piercing gaze while he worked me over. My skin was becoming heated, and I wondered if I would have bruises tomorrow.

The primal craving from between my legs began to possess me. I needed him to plunge something inside me immediately or I might explode. As he worked his hands lower, striking my thighs, I felt myself arching even more, instinctively trying to place my sex in his hands.

His hands begin to work up my inner thighs, and I enjoyed the sting, but the proximity of his fingers was driving me crazy. I heard a tiny whine escape my lips.

“Submissives are silent in my study,” he growled into my ear. I looked at him sideways to catch a dark glance. I'm positive that he could see my wide eyes were begging.

He resumed smacking my inner thighs with the flat of his palm, but now he began inching his way upward.

Suddenly he grabbed the back of my hair with his left hand, and slipped his right down to gently explore my delicate crevice. He growled menacingly, while muttering, “You pretty little tease, are you trying to distract me?”

Available FREE on #KindleUnlimited until May 28, 2018