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Basement Sex Doll - BUNDLE - Parts 4, 5 & 6: (Mind Controlled, Hypnotized Girls in a Secret Dungeon Sex Club)

This series is getting hotter with every release - Hot hypnotized girls are waiting to fulfill every desire of wealthy, lusty men!
This is a bundle containing Parts Four, Five, and Six, for the price of 2 stories.
Basement Sex Doll series page:

Sarah signs up to be a live sex doll at FH Mansion, and Brent chooses her new gorgeous personna Seven to be his hot club girl pickup - with more of his fantasies fulfilled than he expected. Five’s time is up, and as Carrie is released from the Mansion, she has a memory flash of her first time with amazing hunk Josh. He’s been searching for her, and when he finds her, will they still have that intense connection?

When Evan recognizes his old high school crush on the FH Mansion website, he can’t believe his luck. He has always fantasized about controlling a pretty girl and having her serve him sexually, but getting revenge years later on a dumb blonde prom queen who could barely say the words “black people” will be an extra thrill. How much will he punish her?
Although their memories were supposed to have been wiped, Carrie somehow remembers her entire time at the Mansion. Should she tell Josh? Will he think less of her? Or will he be aroused and want to hear outrageous stories of her time there?

New smoking hot doll Number Thirteen signs up to join FH Mansion - a gorgeous blonde who is actually a whip smart psychologist to be, who plays a bimbo to manipulate men, earn a fortune, and advance her career. The Mansion’s clients are thrilled to have such a beautiful new girl who will do anything to please them.
Carrie and Josh try to figure out how to have a relationship after meeting at the mansion, and having been intimate before they even knew each other’s names. He loves hearing stories about her time there, which she isn’t supposed to remember, so Carrie tells him about her first female lover, driving Josh absolutely crazy.

Paradise Fantasies - Sex Club Secrets - BUNDLE (Parts 4, 5 & 6): Sexy people explore a secret Toronto swingers club (public sex, sex with strangers)

3 books for the price of 2! 
Here are Parts 1-2-3:
Join the steamy HOT fun at the local sex club!

Part 4: Master and submissive, public sex, first time lesbian encounter, sex with strangers
James takes his gorgeous "pet" Blue to the sex club to drive her wild - having strangers watch her serve his friends, and not letting her come until she has taken care of everyone else. Blue doesn't speak much while she is in her submissive headspace, but when she finally screams, you'll hear her!

Part 5: Voyeurism, Sex with strangers, Swingers, Swinging, MFF threesome, Public Sex)
Megan drags Natalie to Paradise because they both need some action. When she takes off with a hot guy, shy Natalie is left to wander around, watching the various sex scenes taking place. When she tries to relax in the hot tub, a couple joins her, and she finds herself in the middle of her own sex scene. When she meets handsome Drew on the dancefloor, he asks her to help him fulfill a long time fantasy.

Part 6: Voyeur, Voyeurism, Sensory Deprivation, Sex with Strangers, Public Sex
Drew and Natalie are still reeling from their encounter last week fulfilling Drew's fantasy, so they come to Paradise to try one of hers. She realizes that she's always wanted to be tied up, and Drew surprises her by adding a blindfold and ear plugs. With only her sense of touch, handcuffed and helpless. Natalie discovers how much she loves being in touch with her sensual side, even when she might be watched by strangers. Later in the pool, Drew persuades her to be more vocal, calling all of the shots.

The Tattoo Artist Parts 5 & 6 : Mind Control Bimbofication, Surrendering to Mental Suggestions

Sometimes, four or five scorching hot girls in your harem are just not enough!
Mark has a special date with Joanne, before she leaves on another modeling gig. Then Clara shows up at his shop, demanding he serve her. Mark tries not to let himself become attracted to another new client, but when Anna seems to know about his mind control mojo, he finds that he cannot say no. The thought of one girl who is a total secret thrills him.

Mark is getting comfortable in his new life, and taking more chances.
Dinner with gorgeous wealthy Emily starts in the bedroom, as he thanks her for buying him the house. Clara drops by for a quickie, but runs into a substitution when Mark is out. Then Natalie fills in for a special naughty request while Joanne is away. Mark’s little covert fling Anna is joined by Marissa, and the secret is certainly out now. He can’t say no to just one more.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Sleazy the Kinky Elf: Naughty S&M / BDSM Christmas Holiday Fantasy

Once a year, Stephanie escapes her boring life and spends a little time in Toronto over the holidays, where hardly anyone knows her, and she can let herself go wild. She volunteers as a shopping mall elf, cruising for hot guys. She has a little fetish for nice men treating her like she’s naughty, until they become wicked as well... especially if it’s their first time dominating someone.
Over 18 only, please - Scorching hot sexy times, spanking, bondage.

AMAZING HUGE DEAL! The Dirty Deviant Dozen: Bundle: 12 Standalone Erotica Stories from 2017

Grab Lexie's Big Bundle of Sexy Stories from 2017 - 
Twelve Scorching Hot Tales to keep you warm all year long! 
(JUST $5.55!!!)

His Naughty Secret
Lee is a 19 year old University student who loves BDSM, pain, and Dominant men. She accidentally meets Jesse at a private S&M dungeon, but quickly finds out he's much older, and due to his work, must keep his personal life extremely private. Will he take a chance on an impulsive little brat?

Cheating with a Demon
When Sarah moved to a new town, she had no idea the house would contain a demon hell bent on seducing her - even in front of her husband! Is it cheating if it's not quite real?

Only on Halloween
Kate has had a crush on Anna for years, but all they do is go out for drinks and dancing. When Anna wants to dress sexy for Halloween, Kate sees her chance. They go to a a BDSM party, and Kate finally catches a glimpse of what Anna really wants - to be a naughty slave girl having sex in public.

Lurk - She likes strangers, He likes to watch
Carol and Scott are the perfect married couple. He watches her have steamy sex with strangers while he is locked in the trunk of their car, tied to a chair in the next room, or hidden behind a curtain with peepholes. You know, normal stuff.

Mary F. Kill - Hitwoman
Mary is a professional hitwoman who sometimes like to give her mark one last thrill. She deals with a bratty rich boy, and seduces him by tempting him with the thought of brutally rough sex. Her next mark recently remarried a woman with a smoking hot bimbo daughter - with a wig and perfect makeup, Mary looks just like her. Men never see it coming, especially when they're coming!

Dominatrix Daily - 08-11-16
Journal entries from Mistress Mari - a Dominatrix who runs a busy downtown BDSM dungeon. Spanking, flogging, domination, bondage, and hot sex are a daily occurrence around here. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Never Empty
Jerri suffers from an unusual physical condition - she cannot stand the sensation of being empty. She tried desperately to find random men to help her, but it turned out to be dangerous. Now her best friend Tracey has set her up with a constant stream of guys to keep her filled, but it turns out to be an all consuming lifestyle.

Princess Slut - (12,000 word Romance novelette)
Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra doesn't want to be paraded around the ballroom. Her true self is the absolute opposite. She is a lusty little skank who wants to be on her knees serving a man, dripping with pearls and diamond jewelry, and dripping with some random redneck’s cum across her face. Now, if only she could be open about it.

Guzzle: She needs his “magic elixir” to live
Jon took his gorgeous girlfriend to a hypnotherapist so she could get in touch with her inner bimbo. Karli now thinks she needs to drink his "magic elixir" at least twice a day. But now she is demanding more. He's running out of solutions and "solution", and will have to find a way to make it through the weekend until she can be deprogrammed.

Sorceress Sybella Live
Michelle tries to spice up her boring life by going to experimental theatre events, and is given a ticket to Sorceress Sybella Live - featuring graphic sex, witchcraft, and spirit conjuring. She doesn't know what sort of show this is, but desperately wishes that she were the one being ravished onstage.

Sleazy Tales from the Bartender
Sex, Booze, and Rock & Roll - bartender Lexie has a glorious time experiencing the "buffet" of hot people she ogles while working the bar. From quickies to last call sex in the alley, her sexual appetite is voracious.

First Time at the Dungeon
When a shy young woman is taken to a real S&M dungeon by her new Master, she never imagined how much she would love the flogging, the spanking, and the thrill of being a little slave girl.
More at Lexie

My Bimbo Wife is a Cam Girl - Part 2 (Smashwords, Kobo, iBooks, etc)

This series is RIDICULOUSLY HOT!

 Part One:
Part Two:

I’ve turned my wife into a hot cam girl, who satisfies men I select for her - and charge an exorbitant fee.

Want to hear about Beth tied up and taken by a stranger in a mask? And how her husband found a man who looks just like her father to make her Daddy’s special little girl? She just loves it when people are watching her, and can’t stop being filthy.

The Were-Douche, Part 2 & 3

Part Two:

Part Three: 

Is he schizophrenic, with a totally different personality that comes out during the full moon? Or does the pull of the moon itself turn him into an alpha male, with a primal caveman mentality that women cannot resist? When the moon grows full, mild mannered Toronto computer programmer Eric turns into a successful pick up artist... even though he’s a bit of a douche.
Part Two:
He picks up a cute yoga bunny at the grocery store, turning her into a squealing little dirty-talking vixen, then takes a girl right out of the front lineup at a nightclub to go back to his place and be his devoted skank for the night.
Part Three:
He spends the night with Melissa, who he picked up out of a nightclub lineup, and is training her to be his dirty talking sex toy, while testing all of her boundaries. But in the morning, which version of Eric will wake up with a cutie in his bed?
Over 18 only, please - Scorching hot sexy times.