Saturday, 13 July 2019

The Tattoo Artist Part 12 : Harem, Mental Suggestion Spell

This series gets hotter the farther it goes...
Mark’s antidote to his “Master’s Rose” magical tattoo ink has released several of his gorgeous girls from his control, and he wants to restore balance for all of them. The full moon is coming soon, and he’s terrified to discover what might happen when he attempts to release his hold on all women he may be inadvertently controlling. Clara’s mental power over Mark is still as strong as ever, and he slips under the spell of his beautiful Mistress immediately. Then he’s visited by gorgeous, sexy Marissa, trying to show her how much he cares, unable to help falling into the role of her Master. When sweet, innocent Kayla joins them, Mark gets more than he expected, yet again.

Keep reading until the end in #13!
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