Monday, 19 November 2018

Good Girl, Hot Professor : This shy University student will do anything for an A.

She’ll do anything for an A. Anything.
When Lisa fell behind in her second year of university due to an illness, she fought to catch up. But without an A+ from her strict but blazing hot history professor, her entire year would be shot, and her father won’t pay for her next term. She had always been completely dedicated to her schoolwork. How far will this naive, mousy young lady go to keep her grades intact? She can’t help but feel that commanding, intimidating Professor Renfield, her biggest crush, is interested in a lot more than her essay. But what will he really want from her, and will she be able to please him? Once she gets to his home, she finds that he wants her to be his good little girl, and his plaything.
18+, contains student-professor naughty times.

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