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His Naughty Secret
Cheating with a Demon
Only on Halloween
Colossal - How big is too big?
Lurk - She likes strangers, He likes to watch
Mary F. Kill - Hitwoman
Dominatrix Daily - 08-11-16 - The Journals of Mistress Mari
Never Empty
Princess Slut - It's not pearls she wants to be dripping with
Guzzle: She needs his "magic elixir" to live
Online Slave Girl - Part Two
Sorceress Sybella Live
Basement Sex Doll
Sleazy Tales from the Bartender - Part One
Online Slave Girl - Part One
My Sexy Date with "The Easter Bunny"
First Time at the Dungeon

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BUNDLES - FOUR Stories for the Price of THREE:

Bad Girls Bundle - Princess Slut, Dominatrix Daily 08-11-16, Sleazy Tales from the Bartender, Bonus Scenes from Online Slave Girl Part One

Bizarre Weird Erotica - Never Empty, Cheating with a Demon, My Sexy Date with the Easter Bunny, Sorceress Sybella Live

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His Naughty Secret - She’s too young, and he is being watched.
-- Erotic Romance --

Lee is a 19 year old University student who loves BDSM, pain, and Dominant men. She accidentally meets Jesse at a private S&M dungeon, but quickly finds out he's much older, and due to his work, must keep his personal life extremely private. Will he take a chance on an impulsive little brat?

WARNING: Contains submission, bondage, spanking, young girl with an older man, and smoking hot first time sex. If the words, "Yes, Master" make you feel a bit tingly you should likely read this story.


Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars   HOTTT
November 3, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Lexie knows how to get to the core of what turns readers on and explores both
the sensation and psychology of the bdsm kink in a way that takes enough time
to tease and tantalize but doesn't leave us wanting too long. Perfect length for
an evening read and I will definitely be checking out other titles.

Cheating with a Demon
-- Erotica --

When Sarah moves to a new town with her sweet husband Tim, she had no idea the house would contain a demon hell bent on seducing her - even in front of her husband! Is it cheating if it's not quite real?

WARNING: Contains smoking hot demon sex, double penetration, and filthy language.

Click "Look Inside" for a sneak peek.

Only on Halloween - a Lesbian BDSM tale
-- BDSM Erotica --

Kate has had a crush on Anna for years, but all they do is go out for drinks and dancing. When Anna wants to dress sexy for Halloween, Kate sees her chance. They go to a a BDSM party, and Kate finally catches a glimpse of what Anna really wants - to be a naughty slave girl having sex in public.

WARNING: BDSM, bondage, vibrators, dildos, public sex, lesbian sex, spanking, flogging... you know, great times!

She tilted her hand up to look at me with glazed eyes, then turned to speak directly into my ear over the music. “Tonight I am yours, Mistress. Anything. Anything you want.” I immediately felt my nipples begin to burn and my pussy began to leak. I have been wanting her to say something like that, but never imagined it sounding so desperate.

I nibbled her ear before saying, “You are a naughty little horny girl, aren't you?” She looked at me very seriously with those big dark eyes, and nodded. “Does the naughty girl need a spanking?”

Her eyes smiled before it reached her lips. “Yes - yes please, Mistress.”




Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Super hot!
November 16, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Decided to read this one on a flight. My only regret was not adding another
Lexie Renard story to my Kindle! Sexy and satisfying!

Colossal - How big is too big?
-- Erotic Romance --

Ashley has had bad luck in the dating world, as she is only aroused by men who are extremely well endowed. Zach is a shy guy who is afraid to scare or hurt women with his massive appendage. Through the help of a sassy drag queen and some random luck, this sweet couple might have a chance together, if they could stop being so timid and get things out in the open.

Will they ever get together and consummate their attraction? And is it even physically possible?

Come on, this is a romance story. There will be hot sex and a happy ending at some point.

WARNING: Sex scenes. Bring some lube.

He kissed me again, capturing me with his lips, as he grazed my insides with just the head of his cock. I was so overwhelmed with lust that I was panting. He felt like he was afraid to go further.

“Yes,” I encouraged, “That feels incredible. More.” He gently nuzzled a little more of his shaft inside. It was so tight, the pressure was more intense than I had anticipated. But it felt so good. “More,” I whispered.

He buried his head into my shoulder, probably holding back his animal lust. I felt him swell even more, and it thrilled me to the bones. He began taking the tiniest little strokes inside me, probably only an inch and a half deep.

“More,” I cried out, grabbing his ass and trying to pull him deeper. The friction was incredible. He slid in about three inches, thrusting in a gentle, slow rhythm. My inner walls were squeezing him so hard it must have felt like a pinch to him. Every time he hauled himself out and forced himself back in, I tried not to scream from pleasure.

“Yes,” I breathed, knowing that he might stop without constant reassurance.

I couldn't control myself. I was whimpering and twitching, humping myself up against him, trying to work a little more inside me. He moaned into my shoulder, “This is unbelievable. I don't know if…”

I clutched his ass hard, and forced him a tiny bit deeper. His strokes were still only around four inches deep now, but his thickness made me feel so full and tight, it was outrageous. Every time he tried to go further it ached perfectly.






Lurk - She likes strangers, He likes to watch
-- Erotica --

Carol and Scott are the perfect married couple. They garden, they go to the theatre, and he watches her have steamy sex with strangers while he is locked in the trunk of their car, tied to a chair in the next room, or hidden behind a curtain with peepholes. You know, normal stuff.

WARNING: Includes several scenes of smoking hot sex, that get progressively hotter through the story! The helpless husband enjoys watching almost as much as the wife enjoys screwing the random guy from a bar, the workman, some buff dude from the gym. If this story doesn't get you hot, please see your doctor immediately.

Click "Look Inside" for a sneak peek!




Mary F. Kill - Hitwoman - Wham, Bam, Ma'am

-- Erotica -

Mary is a professional hitwoman who sometimes like to give her mark one last thrill. She flies to Los Angeles to deal with a bratty rich boy, and seduces him by tempting him with the thought of brutally rough sex. Her next mark recently remarried a woman with a smoking hot bimbo daughter - with a wig and perfect makeup, Mary looks just like her. Men never see it coming, especially when they're coming!

This story features rough sex, rich Dom male, Daddy/step-daughter role play, bimbofication, and more!



Dominatrix Daily- 08-11-16 - The Journals of Mistress Mari

 -- BDSM Erotica --

Journal entries from Mistress Mari - a Dominatrix who runs a busy downtown BDSM dungeon. Spanking, flogging, domination, bondage, and hot sex are a daily occurrence around here. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Today's journal includes a gentleman being tied up and beaten, and another whose fantasy is to watch two lesbians together.



 Never Empty
-- Erotica --

Jerri suffers from an unusual physical condition - she cannot stand the sensation of being empty. She tried desperately to find random men to help her, but it turned out to be dangerous. Now her best friend Tracey has set her up with a constant stream of guys to keep her filled, but it turns out to be an all consuming lifestyle.


Such a luscious feeling. My naked little pussy is so wet, so juicy, and a sweet cock is gliding in and out. He lies on top of me, and occasionally fondles my breasts, or kisses my neck, but mostly he is enjoying the sensual reaction in his body to being inside me. His hips grind into mine as he increases his speed. His shaft is swelling, and I am thrilled at the sensation that he’s about to come.

“Hey,” he calls through the screen, “Whoever is next, do you want me to come inside her or not?”

“Yeah, sure man. I love it when she’s super soaked.”

“Cool. Just a few minutes then.”

“Take your time, bro.”




Princess Slut: It's not pearls she wants to be dripping with...
-- BDSM Erotic Romance --

Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra doesn't want to be paraded around the ballroom. Her true self is the absolute opposite. She is a lusty little skank who wants to be on her knees serving a man, dripping with pearls and diamond jewelry, and dripping with some random redneck’s cum across her face. Now, if only she could be open about it.

Throughout my entire childhood, older women would dress me in tight, binding, uncomfortable dresses for formal occasions. It got much worse when I was 15, and put into proper ladylike ballgowns. I would be on display for all to admire, but as my Princess self, not the true me. I found a sick pleasure in being bound and ogled, seen as a plaything for the amusement of others. The tight lace collars around my throat, the boning in the bodice restricting my movement, it was like I was a doll for them to dress and exhibit. I always agreed when they insisted I wear the tight jewelled chokers that felt like a dog collar. These nice ladies would apologize for the discomfort, and say that I was such a good girl for putting up with this without complaint.

They didn’t know that it completely turned me on. The restraint, the pain, all of those eyes on me. If they saw me trembling, they assumed I was overheated, not high on sexual adrenaline.

He grabbed me by the waist and sat me back up on the tailgate, scooting my butt forward and lying me across the dirty metal.

Squeezing my breasts a few times, he pinched the nipples hard, and enjoyed watching my back arch and my body squirm for him. He ran his hands down my flat stomach to my naked mound, and parted my labia with his thick fingers, stroking me for a moment, and noticing how obviously wet I was. He placed the head of his huge cock at my entrance, and pressed it against me very slightly.

“This what you want, baby?” he asked. “You want me to fill you full of cock?” His wild eyes enjoyed taunting me.





Guzzle: She needs his "magic elixir" to live - she can't get enough, and can't stop!
-- Erotica --

When Jon took his gorgeous girlfriend to a hypnotherapist so she could get in touch with her inner bimbo, he added a little programming of his own. Karli now thinks she needs to drink his "magic elixir" at least once or twice a day. But now something is wrong, and she is demanding more and more. He's running out of solutions and "solution", and will have to find a way to make it through the weekend until she can be deprogrammed.
When I stepped out to get lunch, there was Karli waiting for me outside. “Thank God you're here,” she whined desperately, “I need you. I need it now.”

Her desperation made me completely hot, and part of me jumped to attention, but this was not the time or place. “Karli, honey you can't have it now. I am working. You can have some tonight, okay sweetie? It's only a few hours away.” Then, just in case, I added her deprogramming command, "Time to step back to reality”. She didn't even blink. Damn.

“No, no, I have to have it now. I feel myself getting all weak and icky and wrong.”

I looked around, and there weren't many people near the store right then. “Come with me,” I said, leading her to my car parked behind the back of the building.

“We're going to have to be super fast, got it?” I said as we climbed into the backseat. She didn't even answer, just tore into my pants and wrapped those luscious full lips around my rod like she had been starving. She licked the full length, swirled her tongue around the head, rotating her hands around the base, then pulling my whole cock down her throat while gently cupping my balls. It was like she had been studying porn all morning. I could feel how much she craved it, needed it, which drove me insane with desire. She gently increased the pressure on my entire cock, the friction of her wet little mouth was heaven. “Holy shit baby,” I muttered, I'm going to…”

“Mmm hmmm,” she hummed loudly, the vibrations urging me faster.




Kindle Customer
4.0 out of 5 stars   Good story
August 10, 2017 - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase

What happens when you get exactly what you ask for? You get a funny and very erotic story. I like that the hypnotist is a nice guy and not a villain.

Sorceress Sybella Live
-- Erotica --

Michelle tries to spice up her boring life by going to experimental theatre events, and is given a ticket to Sorceress Sybella Live - featuring graphic sex, witchcraft, and spirit conjuring. She doesn't know what sort of show this is, but desperately wishes that she were the one being ravished onstage.
“You cannot have this girl,” the Sorceress said, her voice shaking slightly. She tried to step in front of the blonde. Instantly her hands flew above her head, she floated straight up into the air and hung from the back of the stage.

“We won't be needing you for a little while,” the red demon said. The beasts admired their prey, circling the pale, shaking girl. She watched in horror as the orange demon’s erection became apparent. Her eyes widened as he approached her with his thick, ten inch rod.

“So alluring, these fragile little animals. Beautiful, really.” The red fiend grabbed her and laid her down on the cot, pinning her shoulders. “Be a good little sacrifice,” he growled, “I bet you'll even enjoy it.”





Online Slave Girl - Part Two
-- Erotica (Mystery) --

The mysterious slave girl streams video of herself bathing, sleeping, and having sex with her "Masters" - whoever the viewers tell her to pick up. She sees herself as a slave to the viewers on her website - they are her Masters as much as whichever Master she is currently serving in person... even though she's never actually seen this website. Her memory glitches are getting worse, and someone is using that to their advantage.

Themes: BDSM, anonymous sex, voyeurism, control, memory, mystery, live sex toy.
He kisses her passionately, lying her down on the blankets and gently nudging his cock inside her. It only takes a moment for it to glide all the way in. He fucks her deeply, kissing her lips, her face, her breasts. She wraps her slim legs around him, angling him deeper. She whispers something into his ear.

Flipping her over, he smacks her ass hard, adding to the bright marks. He tilts her toward him and plunges into her tight pussy, watching his cock ravish her little hole, splitting his concentration between spanking and fucking.

He stops smacking, grabs her hips and impales her hard. Her back arches and she appears to be crying out or muttering something. Her face is smiling, relaxed, blissful.




Basement Sex Doll
-- Erotica --

Welcome to FH Mansion - a secret place where all of your sexual fantasies can be brought to life. Our stunning array of living sex dolls can be trained and programmed to fulfil absolutely any scenario you can possibly imagine.

With 70 different play rooms, and five to seven ladies available at any time for you to choose from, your gorgeous dolls are waiting for you. If gentlemen are your preferred taste, please inquire and we can have a selection brought in just for you.

Please don't be shy - no matter how kinky or depraved you think your fantasy might be, we've seen it all before, and we are experts in providing that precise service for you.

Trish donates her body to a secret sex club to earn money for university, and is thrilled at the thought of being used as a sex toy, even though she won't remember. Richard is a businessman who wants to get in touch with his primal, sexual side. In the centre of downtown Toronto, there are sex dolls in the basement, waiting in stasis for you...

She crawled a few feet toward him. “I am your play toy,” she purred in a low voice. “Do you like your toy?”

Richard just stared. She was exquisite. "You are a lovely toy,” he said, trying to sound authoritative so as not to show his nervousness. “Stand up and come kiss me now.”

Her face lit up with joy as she sprang toward him, throwing her arms around him and kissing him passionately. “I belong to you,” she murmured while not stopping the kiss. “What may I do for you?” As she cuddled in tighter, pressing her firm breasts against him, his cock did not take long to stand at full attention.

She pulled back and smiled widely. “Your penis says hello! It wants me. I know.” She dropped to her knees and engulfed his thick, eight inch member completely, working those beautiful lips down to the base of his shaft. Her hands gently massaged his balls, and stroked his ass and thighs.

His senses were overwhelmed, and the tension was building. He tried to slow himself down, but it was all too much. His own lusty jungle girl who wanted nothing else in the world but to be his little fuck dolly. It was completely filthy, wrong, to be having his way with such a gorgeous young girl. He pulled her hair hard as he drove his shaft into her ferociously.






Sleazy Tales from the Bartender - Part One
-- Erotica --

Sex, Booze, and Rock & Roll - bartender Lexie has a glorious time experiencing the "buffet" of hot people she ogles while working the bar. From quickies, to ogling a couple in the ladies room, to last call sex in the alley, her sexual appetite is voracious.



“Hi! Listen,” I lied, “I don't normally do this. But I am unfathomably horny and need a cock inside me right now. Can you spare 10 minutes?”

He looked shocked, amused, then slammed the last sip of his drink and grabbed my hand. “Where to?”

I quickly dragged him to the back and down to the basement. “What's your name?” he asked.

I unzipped his pants and wrapped my hand around his dick as I pulled him in to kiss me. He seemed fine with the lack of proper introduction, and slid his strong hands under my skirt to knead my tight ass. It had been too long, I felt weak in the knees already, and could feel myself getting damp and warm. I undid his pants completely and dropped them, pushing him into the chair. I sat on his lap while he released my breasts from my bra and tank top, and immediately shoved one of my nipples in his mouth, grabbing my other breast and squeezing hard.

Within a minute he was at full attention, and I was impressed at how thick his cock was. I pulled my tiny silk thong aside and slid my moist pussy down onto his shaft. It took a few strokes to work him all the way in, and he sighed loudly when he finally hit bottom. Still nibbling my breasts, he grabbed my ass with both hands and rocked me in his lap, fucking me hard and fast. He sucked at my nipples like they were candy, which caused my juices to flow uncontrollably. I grabbed the back of his hair and moaned in his ear, “That feels amazing, don't stop.”






Online Slave Girl - Part One
-- Erotica (Mystery) --

A mysterious, curious tale of a girl who shoots video of herself bathing, sleeping, and having sex with strangers. She sees herself as a slave to the viewers on her website - they are her Masters as much as whichever Master she is currently serving in person... even though she's never actually seen this website.

Themes: BDSM, anonymous sex, voyeurism, control, memory, mystery, live sex toy. All characters are over 18, all acts are consensual.


“Am I pleasing you?” she purrs into his ear.

The wide shot of the room is in high definition, from far above. The camera pans and zooms in tight on the couple on the couch.

“Yes,” he breathes heavily, “I’m so glad that I found you. It’s amazing to find a girl who doesn’t know me, or the band.” He continues stroking her slowly, deeply. “What’s your name?”

She giggles and blushes. “I don’t have a name anymore. But you can call me Girl, Baby Girl, Slave Girl... anything you like, really.”

She grabs his ass and pulls him deep inside her so hard that she squeals. “If there is anything that would please you and your gorgeous cock, just tell me. Or do it. I am your toy.” Her eyes widen and lashes flutter like a doll.




My Sexy Date with The Easter Bunny
-- Holiday Erotica --

Easter is coming. This year, Kaylee wants to be cumming too!

Wanting to commit filthy acts with something that is supposed to be innocent and pure is a fetish as old as time. But Kaylee really wants to fuck the Easter Bunny. (Well, a hot guy in an Easter Bunny costume.) But how will she find someone who will help her with her deranged holiday fetish?

Content Note: Inappropriate holiday fun involving a costume and candy. You know, nothing weird.


“The Easter Bunny thinks this pretty innocent girl might like things a little rough,” he said.

“I… I…” I tried to answer but lost my breath as he ran his hand down my stomach and into my panties. Delicately he danced his fingers over my clit, my labia, along the edges of my thighs. He was so slow and gentle it was building my anticipation to a point I wasn’t sure I could take.

He spread my opening with two fingers, and gingerly slipped them inside just half an inch. He circled my tunnel, opening me as my entire body was inviting him in. I was embarrassed at how wet I was already.

"Mmm..." he murmured, "Somebunny is truly horny today."






Amazon Customer
4.0 out of 5 stars   Just what the Easter bunny ordered
April 15, 2017 - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition

This is a well paced interesting piece that both introduces you to the concept
of holiday furries and makes it instantly accessible.

It's well written and somehow, in only a short period of time you really find
yourself identifying with the main character and her needs.

It is also saucy, spicy and delicious, pulling no punches where the genre is
concerned. An excellent Easter dalliance. .

Amazon Customer
4.0 out of 5 stars   Four Stars
April 16, 2017 - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition

It was funny and sweet delight of a saucy story. Four paws up!

First Time at the Dungeon
-- BDSM Erotica --

When a shy young woman is taken to a real S&M dungeon by her new Master, she never imagined how much she would love the flogging, the spanking, and the thrill of being a little slave girl. But wait, were people actually having sex in public? She didn't care, she was lost in the moment and just wanted more…

“Good girl, good girl,” he murmured, plunging into me even deeper, holding me down as my wrist chains rattled. “Is your naughty little pussy going to make me come before everyone comes back and catches you?”






Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars  An exciting, sexy story.
April 6, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

An exciting, straight-to-the-point read that takes you into the action at a BDSM dungeon,
with excellent descriptions of the action going on around our shy, young protagonist.
Thanks Lexie!


Thank you to everyone who purchased stories this first year while I learned the ropes. Please stay on the email list - there are MANY more exciting titles coming soon! 

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